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Џиновска бомба.

Have fun trying to read and pronounce that shit.

Unhobka Gomga?

How'd you do that? Are you a wizard?!

I spent 11 years trekking through Tibet, along the foothills of Mount Gwapaloopoo. It was there I met a shaman, wise as he was old. He taught me in the ways of the Wachiki, the language decoding secrets of ancient Kwalapeck. It was a simple task for someone such as me to decode your message.

I just googled it. Or did I bing it? Oh that's right, I asked jeeves. Or did I...

Hmm, maybe it was hotbot... but they got bought by lycos and serve as a front end, so in that case I would have been searching hotbot and lycos at the same time. I know for sure it wasn't yahoo or excite.

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Good luck guys!

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Am I the only one who disagrees with this guy?


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The human mind physically can't see more than 24 FPS/720p anyway, stop being so entitled.

That is objectively wrong on so many levels.

Sarcasm Filter Enabled.

I do enjoy the misuse of the word entitled. It's a nice touch, really ties the absurdity of the statement together.

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Not to be a jerk OP, but you are wrong on just about everything you stated.

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You own 157 games worth: $2,047.83 USD

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2008, as it was the year Giantbomb was officially born. As for the games, I'm getting too old to remember these days.

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Currently at 144. Now how many have I actually finished...

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This game and this story slipped right by me. I'll have to give Ring Runner a try when I get the ducats.