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@potatoes I certainly hope you haven't done anything to hurt yourself or others, there are quite a lot of people on here that you can reach out to and there are professionals who can help. There's no shame in turning to others, even if they are random strangers. I've been there myself, and unfortunately lost a close friend. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to contact me or one of the countless others who have posted on here.

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ID: Revbox

I'm a friendly duder. As most are.

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@cale said:
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@cale said:

@thedudeofgaming said:

Џиновска бомба.

Have fun trying to read and pronounce that shit.

Unhobka Gomga?

How'd you do that? Are you a wizard?!

I spent 11 years trekking through Tibet, along the foothills of Mount Gwapaloopoo. It was there I met a shaman, wise as he was old. He taught me in the ways of the Wachiki, the language decoding secrets of ancient Kwalapeck. It was a simple task for someone such as me to decode your message.

I just googled it. Or did I bing it? Oh that's right, I asked jeeves. Or did I...

Hmm, maybe it was hotbot... but they got bought by lycos and serve as a front end, so in that case I would have been searching hotbot and lycos at the same time. I know for sure it wasn't yahoo or excite.

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Good luck guys!

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@carryboy said:

Am I the only one who disagrees with this guy?


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The human mind physically can't see more than 24 FPS/720p anyway, stop being so entitled.

That is objectively wrong on so many levels.

Sarcasm Filter Enabled.

I do enjoy the misuse of the word entitled. It's a nice touch, really ties the absurdity of the statement together.

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Not to be a jerk OP, but you are wrong on just about everything you stated.

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You own 157 games worth: $2,047.83 USD

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2008, as it was the year Giantbomb was officially born. As for the games, I'm getting too old to remember these days.