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I thought the other worst thing that they did live that Jeff was alluding to was the "Is it better with nacho cheese" segment during the bllsl. I mean that was downright gross and threw 3 of them off their game for pretty much an entire day's worth of live streaming very early on.

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lanechanger#1762, NA server, hit me up for that hot 50% exp bonus! :D

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I'm not familiar with his work but thought he meshed in quite well in the beastcast! welcome!

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wowwowwow, too good! Awesome job on the vocals obviously and Vinny was superb on the guitar. Having kids probably makes playing guitar a more viable hobby than playing video games now that I think of it.

Vinny has played a lot of Rocksmith so videogames and guitar are not separate.

Sure, but for the most part it is :P

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wowwowwow, too good! Awesome job on the vocals obviously and Vinny was superb on the guitar. Having kids probably makes playing guitar a more viable hobby than playing video games now that I think of it.

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I don't hate it if I'm just walking past someone smoking, but walking behind someone for more than a few seconds is annoying. The thing I dislike about it the most is actually just how people stand in doorways and the middle of the pavement smoking, so you need to maneuver around them to get past.

You stole my thoughts! Same thing with cars, if it's driving in my direction, great, I'll hold my breath when the exhaust disperses up in my face and breathe again once I've cleared a large enough distance. but with cars going my way, I actually just stop in my track and wait a good dozen seconds or so before proceeding. with smokers going the same direction as me, I try to speed walk and get in front of them so I don't have to follow the trail of smoke.

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This is how I use gameFAQ and we have an understanding with one another.

The guides are great. The forums are full of babies.

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Whenever I drive through GameFAQ's I roll my windows up and lock the doors.

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My GB Alignment Chart

Lawful Good: Drew | Lawful Neutral: Brad | Lawful Evil: Dave Lang

Neutral Good: Alex | True Neutral: Jeff | Neutral Evil: Mary

Chaotic Good: Vinny | Chaotic Neutral: Dan | Chaotic Evil: Rorie really good. Funny thing is until the Avalon thing I would have wondered why Rorie is slotted there, but now it's incredibly accurate.

These are pretty good. I would have pegged Dave Lang as Chaotic, that man don't play by the rules and is definitely a better fit with the likes of Vinny/Dan/Rorie than Drew and brad. I feel like Jeff's chaotic as well... you don't get some of the crazy things that happen in gb without a chaotic boss, and he drinks out of a jar.

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One theory that I would like to throw into the mix is this:

Rorie was the only one who would eventually go on to call out the remaining time that the segment has left in it and reminded the others of it a couple of times, in fact, he checks his watch multiple times. What I think really happened was that Vinny sent rorie in to sabotage and speed the game up! Time is money! Follow the money, people!

P.S. Mary's meta in this is ridiculous. Drew, who had already suspected brad from round 2, was of course going to stick with that narrative that brad was the bad guy should this mission fail, after all, he's been in the same team as brad for 2 turns by that point and had failed both times with him, and had only been in the same team as Mary for the first time there. And brad, who had just been on the same team as Mary where everyone passed the mission, have no reason to not trust her, but he did have a reason to not trust Drew because of round 2. She chose Drew and brad for her team and took full advantage of the mistrust that was already built against one another to throw any suspicion off of her. All the meanwhile, she knew that her fail card is only going to fuel that mistrust. She's like the Eva of the crew.

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I like the site as it is now and where it's headed but I think I see what you guys are saying in terms of a lack of energy and I think the problem comes down to hosting.

Ryan was a loud and boisterous host that just drew you in and demanded your attention when he was hosting the bombcast and live shows. Contrast this with Jeff's hosting style for live shows where he likes to open with the mid-conversation opener and generally does it with less enthusiasm/energy (imo anyways). On the bombcast front, sleepy brad's definitely improved a lot but Ryan had more energy in his story telling and better comedic timing in riffing with Jeff and Vinny.

Remember when Jeff was hosting the bombcast post-Ryan and pre-brad when Vinny was still in SF. It would always be such a delight and breath of fresh air when Vinny got to host the occasional bombcast so I'm really looking forward to the Gbeast podcast getting up and running because I think Vinny's got that energy and enthusiasm to be a great host. We'll just have to deal with gb west's lower level of energy until they decide to mix up the hosts again I think.