So this indie game dev blog didn't go very far...

Its been 6 Months since I've updated this blog, so it's safe to say it died on it's arse. There wasn't alot of feedback from it and I'm not that great at communicating in print what I'm trying to convey. So yeah this is officially wrapped up now.

For anybody interested the game is coming along nicely, I intend to upload a video on YouTube at some point of progress but as a side project at the minute I'm currently live streaming making a smaller game, just as a break to working on my main title and for something to do. It basically just my code and me being broadcast across the net on Twitch.

If you wanna see those they're archived on Twitch and YouTube just go there and search me. I'm Lanerobertlane on pretty much everything.

Anyway, for anybody who read this and is pissed about the lack of updates, sorry, and if it's any consolation then there's my dev process on Twitch and YouTube and soon they'll be a video of the progress on my main project.

Thanks, Rob


Update on progress on my indie game.

Last time i talked about what i had already implemented into my game and spoke about the aspirations I have for it. I've now uploaded a video to youtube so you dudes can see how its shaping up.

What I'm gonna be focusing on doing for the rest of this month is create the areas fully and add in all the enemies. Then the game itself is pretty much playable. I'm still trying to decide on what the themes for the area's will be. As you'll see in the video, I've pretty much settled on a jungle setting for the first area. I want all areas to be re-playable and as the player gains new abilities and new levels they'll be able to access new parts of those areas. One of the parts proving hard for me to master is creating an open world where the Player can go anywhere, but instead of being blocked by a physical limit, is blocked by enemies that they can't defeat yet. I hope to overcome this and get the balance right shortly.

Once the world and enemies are in place i can start to thicken it out with items, secret areas and create a suggested path to progress as well as put NPCs and story cues in. Once that's done, i'll work on stat balancing which i'm totally new to and will be trial and error. This mostly concludes the hard work of making the game. I will then need artwork generating and polishing it around the edges. Then the really hard part of getting the game on to platforms and trying to make it sell will start.

Let me know what you think of the video, and as always let me know what you think of this blog. As I said before I want to spark some discussion from other developers about there game making processes, from the community about anything the game I'm making and just general chit chat about development and indie titles.

Thanks for reading and here's the video:

Just another point, where's best to post this in the forum, Off-Topic, General Discussion or other. I posted the last in off-topic but as it's game related i posted this in General. Hopefully if it's wrong the mods will tell me :-/



I'm finally getting somewhere with my indie game.

So my last blog post was just a short introduction on what I wanted to do with the next game I make, now I'm finally starting to get things in place.

Building on the existing code I had from Synesthesia Amnesia (My terrible first attempt at an XBLIG game) I've started to put together the basics of what I want gameplay wise in this project.

For the majority who didn't read the last blog post the game is going to be a 2D platformer with JRPG elements. A story, player stats and levels, puzzles, many areas linked by an open world.

So far I have coded the HP and Exp system for the player and a basic inventory for picking up better swords and swords with different characteristics such as dealing more damage and cutting through objects blocking paths (typical "can't get to that area yet because I lack the sword to cut trees down" mechanic. I have also added the different character types that I spoke about, inspired from Wonderboy. I have the normal character with his sword, a character that shoots fire (ranged attack) and a small character that is half the size and can get through small gaps in the world. I intend to develop puzzles based around the mechanic of swifting shapes to get through areas and retrieve items.

I have also implemented the basics that are often took for granted such as player control, menus, HUD, saving, character animations (most of which were already in place from Synestesia Amnesia but needed tweaking.) I have also added code for NPCs and enemies to wonder around the world and for the player to interact with then, including conversations.

I still have a lot of major things to do. Before I even get into more programming I need to finalise where I want the story to go (My good friend who created Text Zedventure is hopefully going to read over and help a lot with that. The pacing, atmosphere and writing of that was amazing.) I also still eed to map out all the areas of the world. Once that's done I can program it all in and test it to make sure it's fine. Then I need puzzle ideas and to make sure it plays well and is fun. All the items need names, be placed in the world and coded to work correctly. I have no artwork yet so most of the sprites and areas are paintshopped from my last game or strait up ripped from other games (flashback, Wonderboy, mario etc.) to suit an immediate need for a place holder. Last time I put a post up in the Deviant Art forums advertising for someone to do the art for me based on my crappy MSpaint placeholders, I'm not sure what the best course will be this time. Once all that's done there will stat balancing and checking that levelling is consistent and stuff. Then the usual bug testing.

There's probably a lot more I've forgotten or neglected to include in that but when that crops up its part of the fun.

A long way in the future will then be deciding where to put it. Hopefully it will be a game people want to play (it's brief is 'the game I want to play') and as much as I love this hobby of just coding and having fun making shit there has to be a decision of what happens next. I'd love the game to be on steam, and am excited the idea of Greenlight, but will my game be good enough? Do I just throw it on XBLIG and hope people find it and enjoy it? In my ideal situation the game will be amazing, to me in my head it already it but realism needs to be accounted for. So ideally it'd be on steam and be a success and I could get it on XBLA and PSN and not forgetting iOS but I know that's a million to one change. I believe this game would be good, but is it?

I just like making games, it doesn't matter in the end if others like it, that's just a massive bonus. It'd be nice though, right? Like that thought you have about winning the lottery. It's not gonna happen, but you always talk about "what if...?" and dream. If I won I'd buy my house and a pub, if not I'll turn up to work tomorrow. Well if people like it and it got somewhere that's great, if not then I'll still play it and I'll move on to another project.

Anyway, this is another post from me, and it's longer that I thought it would be. I've just recorded a video and sent to my mate showing off the first bit of coding all working together to make the player move around and enter buildings and pick items up and show them in the inventory. Once he's seen it and tells me it doesn't suck, I'll post it on here with commentary giving it context.

Well, I hope I spark some discussion from other indies about how they work, from the community about the game making process, the game I'm making and just general chit chat, and I'll try and be more actively involved here and answer questions. Alternatively if no-one cares you can just drop that in there too cus I'd like to get a read on if anyone's actually intrested in me doing a blog or not.

Anyway, that's all for now, k thx bai!


Okay, so I'm a part time indie game Developer....

Hi, i'll start by letting you all know that i'm not a great Blogger. I'm not the best writer in the world and i'm unreliable at providing frequent updates to them... What i'm planning to do here is blog about the latest game i'm currently developing for XBLIG and hopeful other platforms. This isn't my first indie game... my first was the disaster that is /synesthesia-amnesia/61-38449/ which is a stable platformer but lacks anything to anyone wanna play it. I'm hoping that my next game has alot more; A nice story, great mechanics, nice artwork and sountrack and just generally the thing that makes people wanna play games like Limbo, Fez and Braid. That's the dream. Anyway, i've wrote about a paragraph and i'm not sure what else to write here just yet, so i'm going to sign off now.

K, thx, Bye!