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If you have premium and use RSS the bombcast is up.

Edit: Just seen that @authenticm mentioned this 10 minutes before me

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@crystaljdesign: I think he shoulda just been thankful that Valve were promoting his game at all. How many other developers wish they could get a slot in the promo on the front page. Heck, I bet some of them would say they'd "kill for a banner ad on steam". He behaved like a spoiled kid being brought an xbox one for christmas and then crying because he asked Santa for a PS4 when what he should have done is been grateful but took it back to the shop and exchanged it for the right one - Or you know, wrote valve an e-mail thanking them for the promo but asking them to correct it.

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Really, this dudes game was being promoted by Steam on their front page and he whines that they got a small detail wrong. If he paid for the promotion and it's all contracts and stuff then he has a right to privately flip out over it with Valve, but if thats a free halloween promotion by Steam then man, what an entitled jerk.

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kujakuo is essentially the same game as spellcaster but without the references/licence to the comic book. The Spellcaster page mentions this.

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kujakuo is essentially the same game as spellcaster but without the references/licence to the comic book. The Spellcaster page mentions this.

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Yeah, considering no government has confirmed it was shot down, let alone who by, you should probably change the misleading forum title.

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I'm sure they'll be an article about this later, but until then, let's have a place to congratulate him on his new position and discuss it.

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@joshwent said:

So I'm guessing the point here is that Journalists should double check their sources before they publish a story, but when Martin Fuller uses phrases like, " hasn't happened...", and, "...there are no plans...", it seems pretty clear what he was saying. When you have a direct quote from a primary source, showing that to the public just seems like straight news. There shouldn't be a need to further ask the source, "Did you really mean that thing that you said in front of everybody?".

It's not the writer's fault that Fuller may have spoken out of turn or mumbled his words or just sort made something up.

I still can't understand why Microsoft employees have such an absurdly hard time with what seems to so easily roll of the tongue of every dev and publisher I see interviewed; "Sorry, I can't comment on that at this time.".

I see your point in the first bit of this comment, but it's kind of just as much of a non-point as you appear to think Patrick is making. If the phraseology of " hasn't happened..." and "...there are no plans..." is enough to make someone confident that this primary source is reliable, the phraseology of "As far as I know..." and "...hasn't happened...", which is in the progressive, and not at all a definitive tone that means "...won't happen..." should be enough to engender a bit of doubt in the scrupulous journalist who isn't just out to publish whatever seems interesting. Just because it comes from a primary source does not inherently mean that it's true, and as was said, "executive miscommunication" can and does occur, which means that a bit of precaution goes a long way - Patrick wrote this thing in like, an hour, if his diction's to be trusted.

Sure, it could use a lot of work, and sure it's not as extensive as it could be (I'm pretty sure neither of these things are the point). But it goes to show that fact-checking people who seem like they should be in the know really doesn't take all that prodigious an effort.

I think that reporting what the executive said at a conference, was an ok thing to do. The original article also said that they had contacted Microsoft for clarification. Should they have ran with the story before hearing back from them is up for debate, But If I was at a press Q&A and heard an executive give that answer to press, I'd probably run the story too.

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It sounds like you shorted something on the Graphics Card. Most probably because it was on at the time, and then didn't turn off immediately. The fact that it powered down when the start button was pressed was probably a coincidence, and it powered down when the liquid caused a short and blew something on the board. As you are saying it works fine without the card in, I'm even more sure this is what has happened.

Unfortunately, it would be a costly, and almost impossible to job to fix. It would involve finding out which component(s) on the card has blown, removing it from the card, finding a replacement component (assuming it wasn't a proprietary one) and soldering it to the board.

regarding getting it RMA'd, you should check with the manufacturer to see if they cover water damage. Chances are they won't I'm afraid as it isn't a manufacturing fault. Most warranties, extended warranties and insurance policies also exclude water damage.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you're pretty boned.