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Spelunky! YE!

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I think I will take all of your advice and start from the beginning. Thanks for the feed back.

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I've just recently become a Xbox 360 owner and I want to play some games I've missed out on, Gears of war is one of them.

Which game should I start on? Should I play through them all in order or is the story not worth it and I should just buy the latest game?

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So, out of all the offers on day one the only thing I am 'Trying' to buy is the expansion to Binding of Issac. Mostly due to the fact my Steam library is HUGE!

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@keres: Yup Iv been thinking about getting Skyrim on PC for a while now and the price is really good. Only thing is I own it on PS3 without any of the DLC, but I'v seen loads of the mods and that's whats making me want to buy it in the sale.

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Ye steam server issues are getting in the way of me losing all my money!

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So the Steam summer sale has just started.

Each year I get so excited and worried for the Steam summer sale! Excited for all the games I'm going to play and worried for my wallet. Ahhh my poor poor wallet.

So what games are you guys and galls going to be buying in the sale?

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Give me your steam e-mail and i'll send the first eight people keys.

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I am a self confessed games whore. I love games even ones I own. For example I own Skyrim for the PS3 but I still have an nagging to buy it on Steam for my new rig. There are advantages of owning Skyrim for the PC but I already own the game. I think I would play more because I spend most of my time at my Pc and not my TV/PS3 set up.

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The code is gone now guys.

Video_Game_King was the lucky winner!