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@laxbro19: Have you been collecting all of the PS4 games during your Plus subscription? If so, and you buy the PS4, you'll have 25 games to play already (27 if you wait until Tuesday) and any other games you own for Vita that are cross-buy.

Also Bloodborne, SFV, and UC4.

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Man, too sad. Tons of thanks for the Chrono Trigger Endurance Run, countless Interview Dumptrucks, and most importantly your Spelunky series which inspired me to get back into the game and S-Rank it.

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Was on the fence about Far Cry 4, but this settled me not buying it.

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@langdonx: Though, does YouTube support livestreams over its myriad of apps?

Good point, I'm not sure... it's just a channel though,, which is really weird.

I'm also speaking strictly from a viewer standpoint, I don't know how hard it is to hook up to.

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YouTube's streaming capabilities are subpar

I don't know when you last checked, but YouTube's streaming is totally legit. I watched some streams during Google IO this year (back in June) and it was as perfect as I could imagine. I don't know what the latency from broadcast was (a problem with Twitch), but the fact that you could rewind and watch any part of the stream instantly blew me away. It's really lame that Twitch, a supposed leader in online streaming, can't yet do this.

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Is there any way to list all "Major Games" (large/important games across all platforms) or is anyone maintaining a list like we used to have with the old site before the last redesign?

I really enjoyed perusing that list to either reminisce or catch up on anything I had missed.

I realize a list like that is probably fodder for arguments and such (one of the only decent results I found on google for "major games giantbomb" is someone asking why Journey isn't on the list for 2012), but it's still nice to have.

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What's up with all the Heavenly Sword hate... or disinterest as it were? It was a great game, with an awesome story. The animated series released in parts before the game was fantastic:

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Nice, I've been waiting for this... but I guess I'll have to wait even longer because I'd prefer it on Vita over PC.

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@Rirse said:

Please don't be EA. I don't want the future Saints Row games to be Origin only.

I'm not playing Dead Space 3 because of that. Pretty petty, eh? =[

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@eloj: I used to really love PHP, but I've been spoiled by C#/MVC. No experience with Symfony2, which might be a nice framework though. But Node though... that gets me hot. Too bad I could never convince my wife to move to SF. =[