Waiting For The Beta

The Halo Reach Beta is due to start at some point today and while I am waiting for that I figured I'd talk about what I'm doing while I wait. 
Deadpool- I've been catching up with the Crimson Comedian, the Merc with a Mouth and what some people would call the New Wolverine. Deadpool! From Merc With A Mouth to his current ongoing you can't look at a Marvel comic without seeing his face;. This is a double edged sword of course on one hand it's great to see a character whose been a second stringer for so long suddenly thrust into the spotlight and on the other I have flashbacks to Ghost Rider and Punisher being burnt out in the early 90's. Still if you want a good read I highly recommend you pick up one of his various books making the rounds at the moment.  
Green Lantern- The Blackest Night has ended and so the Brightest Day has began! The excellent inter company crossover which saw an end of the dark and gritty DCU has ended with the birth of the Brightest Day in which resurrected heroes and villains try and figure out why they have been brought back to life. While in the Green Lantern comics the various leaders of the corps try and figure out how best proceed now that the prophecy of the Blackest Night has come to pass. The different emotions clash as Sinestro tries to play nice with Hal Jordan while characters such as Larfleeze and Saint Walker seem unsure how to proceed. It's a fantastic read and as of writing this there's a lot of  back reading to do it's worth it for what is essentially the best story DC has done for the last couple of years now.
Okami (Wii)- Yes after what seems like me putting it off forever I've finally started Okami for the Wii and I really do enjoy it, very Zelda esqe but it still feels original as well and not like some recent games that play more like a direct copy and paste. The story is interesting and the use of Japanese mythology in the characters you meet and enemies you fight is something that personally interests me. Though annoyingly enough the Wii is very judgemental on what counts as a circle or a straight line and why must they all make horrible bee like sounds when they talk? It's like everyone in the world of Nippon is related to the adults of the Charlie Brown cartoon! 
Pokemon Heart Gold- Yep as everyone knows Pokemon games are like crack, you might not need the urge to catch them all but having a go to squad to take on the world is a draw few can deny. A remake of one of my personal favourites, Heart Gold sucks you back to Johto and you remember the great experience it was the first time you were there. You once again become angry at Whitney's Milktank or go grind because Jasmine's Steelix just keeps taking down your squad. Thanks to the Wi-fi adaptor and the trading community you can easily find most Pokemon you want. The Pokewalker (which is basically a pedometer mixed in with some mini games) is a great little attachment that helps you train your critters and even capture some more and while not necessary there is a certain lure to seeing how many steps you got and using that to try and catch a new Pokemon.  
Kick-Ass: With No Power Comes No Responsibility seems to be the theme here as what is pretty much a British superhero movie comes to play, for those who have read the comic and not seen the film. Your going to be both disappointed  in some of the changes but at the same time you'll be laughing so much you won't care. While the comic was a some what serious affair that went into tragedy and depressing waters the movie sticks with a more upbeat black comedy vibe and it works. You laugh at the notion of Hit-Girl and her foul mouth. Wonder why is Nicolas Cage talking like Adam West and simply laugh out loud at how over the top the fight scene at the end becomes. Written in conjunction with the comic there is a point in the film where you realise that Mark Millar simply went in a different direction to Matthew Vaughn in terms of the plot. Still if you've only seen the movie the comic is going to be a big surprise for you... 
Iron Man 2: Firmly placed in sequel land the movie is free from the Origin story that bog down so many superhero movies. Downey Jr once again plays Tony Stark the billionaire who also doubles up as the Invincible Iron Man. Now that all the hype over the Iron Man suit has died down the US government want it for themselves and Stark refuses to play ball on the pretence that no one has the capability to take him on so why bother? Cut to Mickey Rourke's Russian inventor proving him wrong thus kicking off a tussle as Stark attempts to deal with his ego, the US government trying take the suit and Justin Hammer (played brilliantly by Sam Rockwell)  who simply wants to beat Stark at his own game. The SFX are hard and fast and the characters are all likeable, with the nods to upcoming movies (Thor & Captain America) being inserted particularly well. Just make sure you watch after the credits for an extra treat!

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