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Incoming! Haha oh, that just made my day. :)

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Haha, those comments sound just like Jaffe, so I think it's sincere, I can't wait to hear more about this game.

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Right before the NXE launch, this isn't the time Microsoft. :|

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Terranova said:
"Levio91 said:
"looks nothing like a real fallout game."
It's not the late nineties so why should it, it's time to move on it has a new developer which if they didn't take over there wouldn't be a fallout 3,   as long as they have kept the feel of the series which it seems to me they have i don't see a problem. "
I completely agree from a gameplay standpoint, but Fallout 3 seems to have lost the flavor that makes Fallout, Fallout. The story is more - as much I don't like saying it - Oblivion with guns, they've gone more of the serious route with Oblivion's epic-ness of a story instead of Fallout's satirical humor. Not that any of it matters to me, because I think it's going to be one of theb est games this year, and I've already paid off my pre-order, so no turning back now! :D
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I have, fully paid off too, I can't believe this game is finally only a couple weeks away! :D

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shadows_kill said:
"cant wait. i got the ce edition reserved and fully paid for."
I only have $10 left to pay off on my pre-order, I can't wait! :D
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Kush said:
"KingBroly said:
"I could build a cool LBP level if the damn thing didn't stop crashing all the time."
Has it really been crashing that much for you? I haven't experienced one crash so far."
Me either.
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IGN Hands-On

This is pretty optimistic for PS3 owners looking to get Fallout 3. Great looking textures and eye popping visuals, and smooth framerates throughout, with only mild slowdown when huge explosions occur. There is a mention of Trophies possibly being added later if Bethesda deems it worthwhile and the community demand is high enough.

Note: This is a pre-alpha build being previewed, so expect aspects to be improved by the games ship date.
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The beta is only a glimpse of what you can really do in LBP, I can't wait for the final product!

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I feel anything Insomniac puts out is always at least solid, so I have high expectations for this game, this holiday will own. :)