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My daughter logged into the 360 today to play Disney Infinity and was greeted with this message. Thanks Microsoft but not sure this is appropriate for a five year old. =)

I left the code in on purpose. Blurred the last letter so that whoever gets it has to at least do a little bit of work. Enjoy.

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Looks good here, thanks.

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I'm getting the same in DoggCatcher. It may be related to the certificate on the authentication server expiring recently.

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Just completely floored by this. Giant hugs for everyone at GB, esp @Jeff.

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@forcen: I just tried with Firefox 17 and was able to authenticate on the rss feed without issue. I also checked and the username field seems to be case insensitive now. On the old site it had to be lowercase.

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Workin good here too. Thanks guys.

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I don't suppose authentication could be disabled on the rss feeds until the problem has been fixed. Think of it as a free preview for non-subscribers to give them a taste.

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The feeds seem to work fine if you're accessing them when logged in through the site's login page, but if you authenticate through http, like an rss reader would, then you get a 404.

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@Chavtheworld said:

I know people have been clamouring for a new space fighter sim thing for a long time, but I wasn't around during the Tie Fighter (or whatever that popular Star Wars one was) / ELITE / Freelancer era, so is there a difference between those three?

Why is this more popular than the new Elite: Dangerous kickstarter with David Braben?

I suspect a lot of people are seeing the Elite kickstarter as a "me also" since it started after the Star Citizen one had been funded. You also have the Molyneux affect. Chris Roberts knows how to promise big.

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I guess in a couple years we should expect to see the headline "New Governor of Rhode Island <insert name> adds former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee to 38 Studios Lawsuit" ;-)

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