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Civ V from a Civ IV fan 0

Civilization V feels like Firaxis took a giant step back and decided to start designing Civilization from scratch.  What they produced is a game that’s a lot more accessible to new and casual players, but can sometimes be frustrating to Civilization IV veterans.  Our first stop, one unit per tile. Hey, that's my tile  Allowing only one combat unit per tile has literally completely changed how combat works and feels in Civ 5.  In Civ 4, because the game would automatically defend with the bes...

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A good game that's over entirely too quickly 0

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King can be thought of as SimCity set in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle’s universe.  The game starts with you arriving with your two advisor's at a town with no buildings, save for your castle.  Like most towns in the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle game, this one has a giant crystal sitting in the middle of it, which ends up talking to you and giving your character the ability to magically create buildings.  After completing a few tu...

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