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I don't think I can come up with one favorite moment. Ryan was amazing and so often just random stuff he would either do in a video or say on the bombcast would make me just laugh my ass off. This thread is great though and between crying and laughing at the moments folks are posting helps.

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Still just stunned...

Your words put it best. I followed Ryan's work for years and nothing can ever replace him.

Ryan you will be missed.

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This has probably been put out there but Dave Lang needs a card in this.

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I love how they claim " similarities" between the games. So they just happened to name sound files in thier game the exact same thing as runic did huh?

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I would buy that shirt if it were for sale. The QL was great!

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This is why I continue to not buy anything this company makes console or PC. Yes I missed out on some great games but I refuse to give them any of my money and I also refuse to pirate stuff. Good DRM (like steam) works but the shit they do only punishes the people who buy thier games legaly.

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I have no issues with this. Starcraft 2 has a shop where you can sell mods and maps for real money or give them away. Blizzard knows the same thing that happend with Diablo 2 will happen again . So why not give players as safe way to do it.

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I may be the only person sick of Nintendo rehashes. Am I really the only one who just...doesn't care for new SSB, Mario, or MKart? I'll get pumped for a non-milked franchise like Luigi's Mansion, sure, just not the ones milked dry.

Totally agree. The most off-putting thing about Nintendo for me is the reliance on established franchises. Every generation just feels the same: "Okay, when's the Zelda game coming out? The Mario? The Mario Kart? The Mario Party? The Mario sports titles? The Smash Bros.? The Kirby? The Metroid? Etc."

It's super indicative that they just ran out of names for Mario platformers and called the last two "New Super Mario Bros." and "New Super Mario Bros. Wii."

Give Mario and crew a break and make some new franchises.

I agree with you 100% The problem is Nintendo has no cause to do new IPs because they know that every time they put out a mario or zelda etc that millions of Nintendo fanboys are going to buy it.

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The device looks totally awesome. Incredible price. Terrific lineup of games. But I won't buy the motherfucker because I hate hate hate hate the name VITA.

That's just fucking stupid. I am sure when they announced the Wii you were totaly OK with that to right? Names of products mean shit. In 6 months the name Vita will be nothing to anyone as we all get used to it.

I for one plan on buying this it looks really good.

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Ah yes its Nintendo at it again "Hey buy this game we made along time ago please back when we matterd" Maybe one day they will start doing something new instead of just selling the same game  over and over.