Dark Knight

Let’s get this out of the way right now.

Holy shit what a fucking amazing movie.

I really think it will be hard to find anyone that didn’t like this movie in some way. Maybe if you were violated by a bat, or insulted by a Joker then I could see it, but in most cases this is a movie for everyone.

I won’t go into too much depth about what I liked, since it’s pretty much the whole movie and if you’ve seen it then you know what I am talking about. Instead I’ll focus on the very few things that didn’t work for me.

There will be a third movie in this series, it’s a given and I very much want Christopher and Jonathan Nolan to write it, but I want it to end there. The main point of contempt I had with "Begins" were the action scenes, more specifically the hand to hand action; they were too close up and quickly cut that I really didn’t get a sense for what was happening and it bummed me out a bit.

The same thing applies in "Knight" but to a much smaller degree, the action scenes are wider, longer and overall they felt more visceral. I really only had issue with the tunnel chase where the Joker was trying to capture Dent. Not once did I get the sensation that the Joker’s truck was beside the SWAT truck that Dent was in, nor did the Batmobile seem like it was in pursuit of the garbage truck. The whole scene felt broken - like it was missing shots.

My last issue with the movie is a personal one, but it begs to be discussed. Heath Leger was terrible……………………just kidding. The real problem I had was buying Maggie Gyllenhal as a love interest to any of the men in this movie - other than Morgan Freeman or Michael Caine. She’s just not that good looking and the more you do look at her the less appealing she becomes. I don’t know what happened with Katie Holmes and why she isn’t in the movie, but I totally would rather have seen her back.

As a result a line like "Hello beautiful……you really are beautiful" seem silly.

That is it for any grievances and I must state that they are MINOR grievances.

Everyone should see this movie now!!!