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Yeah pretty fair criticism I agree with you on the sword and shield thing I haven't used a shield build in ages. And the word hardcore is thrown around way to much with the souls games often by people who are only passively interested in the series. Hardcore for me are the people who do no heal boss runs or something not just someone who enjoys the games like me. And I never understood the critical negativity around DS2 it was a good game, more of the same with a few small changes. And to be fair to Patrick that's just how he felt about the game, nothing to really take apart there. His experience can never encompass everyone's opinions and lets be fair if you are really in to the souls games you don't go to kotaku for info, you go to Epicnamebro or Vaati on youtube. So Partick's article is fine because its aimed at people who are way less crazy for the souls games than you are.

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Nope, their pretty terrible versions. Bad frame rate, poor presentation and shaky new voice acting. The original release on a modern PC with fan tweaks puts the new HD release to shame. I actually re-bought SH2, SH3 and SH4 with a PS2 last year and it was surprisingly cheap. But if you don't want to go through all that go with the HD release just know going in that they are the worst versions of these games. The PS3 version is the least broken, the Xbox version was never patched I think.

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There is a mod for New Vegas that adds a ton of drivable cars, if modders can do it why not professional game devs. Would be pretty sick having a bike or something where you had to be conscious of gas and maintenance.

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The Cat Lady and Gemini Rue are both slow and dingy, also pretty good games.

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I thought the guest selection was great, everyone seemed cool and interesting. The only small criticism I would put forward is that many of the panels were a little crowded so some of the guests said virtually nothing. I understand that you can't force people to talk but perhaps a smaller collection of people in each panel would be easier to manage, some of those sections got a bit crazy with people talking over each other. With that being said I still really enjoyed all the panels, you guys did an awesome job with content during E3.

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A side-scrolling beat-em-up set in a South Wales mining town around 1880. You play a disgruntled miner who fights off rival mine owners from England as they try and steal you'r coal. Art style is like Mercenary Kings.

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I would have to say Silent hill 2, 3 and 4. Not really jump out of you'r seat scary but they are disturbing as hell (SH4 especially).

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Dysfunctional Systems is really good and its on steam for cheap.

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The Vic 20 wasn't great and it was all kinds of ugly