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There is a mod for New Vegas that adds a ton of drivable cars, if modders can do it why not professional game devs. Would be pretty sick having a bike or something where you had to be conscious of gas and maintenance.

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The Cat Lady and Gemini Rue are both slow and dingy, also pretty good games.

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I thought the guest selection was great, everyone seemed cool and interesting. The only small criticism I would put forward is that many of the panels were a little crowded so some of the guests said virtually nothing. I understand that you can't force people to talk but perhaps a smaller collection of people in each panel would be easier to manage, some of those sections got a bit crazy with people talking over each other. With that being said I still really enjoyed all the panels, you guys did an awesome job with content during E3.

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A side-scrolling beat-em-up set in a South Wales mining town around 1880. You play a disgruntled miner who fights off rival mine owners from England as they try and steal you'r coal. Art style is like Mercenary Kings.

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I would have to say Silent hill 2, 3 and 4. Not really jump out of you'r seat scary but they are disturbing as hell (SH4 especially).

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Dysfunctional Systems is really good and its on steam for cheap.

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The Vic 20 wasn't great and it was all kinds of ugly

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I never read reviews ever. I respect them and the opinions discussed in them but if I'm interested in something a bad review will not dissuade me from buying it. I read game articles and such but I personally find reviews useless to me personally.

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Welsh: bom anferth