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This is like Dark Sector all over again, except Dark Sector eventually came out.

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Coming up next month: a special Valentine's Day promo that will make it $349 for all of February! And then the March Promo, and April Fool's Promo.

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@larrydavis: I'm glad they didn't cave to the outrage trolls. Serious props to Dennaton and Devolver for not giving clickbait hacks an inch.

Yup. I liked Cara until I found out she's the one who started the garbage with this game. Having seen the scene now, I think it's pretty creepy (mostly due to the pulsating throbbing noise, maybe a residual effect from Pizza Time) but I think being outraged by it is ridiculous, especially since nothing even happens. Plus, Hotline Miami is creepy in general anyway. I probably wouldn't have even registered this as something out of the ordinary if not for the absurd reaction to it.

That ratings board description is hilariously inaccurate, and the fact that people seem to be taking it as gospel is really disheartening.

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I'm really glad they kept this scene in.

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I really, REALLY want a new Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Just do one, and then a bunch of DLC, for the new systems. I miss rhythm games.

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@sessh: Say what you will, Twitch isn't Twitch without the chat.

You're right, it's better.

And man, I wish they were better at archiving all this stuff instead of having to find random-ass videos all over youtube. I usually end up missing most of AGDQ/SGDQ because of that.

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@corevi said:

If you saw the full art you'd know that it's Super Cena.


If he was truly Super Cena he would be invisible so U Can't See Him.

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@jondo: Same here! I played as banker and shot lots of buffalo. We played Oregon Trail on Friday afternoons in fifth grade. Some kids would put naughty messages on their gravestones for other kids to find. Good times.

peperony and chease

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In all seriousness, although I really, REALLY didn't like Patrick, I could appreciate that he often represented games that otherwise wouldn't have been noticed on this site. Without him, there would be no coverage of 999 or Virtue's Last Reward, or Monster Hunter, however brief his dalliance with that was. So for that, I thank him.