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@thunderslash: it's not that bad, and for six bux it's definitely a fun goof. Just nowhere near the other games.

Also yeah it's fine to jump into 4 but I would still recommend playing 3 first.

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You're right, but not because of the reasons you mentioned.

Also spam.

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@the-nanomachines: if you don't know anything about how PC games work you should probably just nod and move on. Changing a frame cap in an .ini file is not equivalent in any way to altering the way a car works, nor is it out of the ordinary. That sort of thing is actually pretty common, both for frame caps and those who run non-standard resolutions.

Also, yes, when people spend the money on a PC so they can get the best experience possible, they absolutely should expect that. There's no excuse for a PC version having less features than a console version with far inferior hardware. Calling that "entitlement" is childish.

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@relshak: @2headedninja: that's why I said anyone who isn't a total idiot. Those people (especially those replying to that tweet) definitely qualify. If you have any modicum of reasoning ability it's pretty clear Iron Galaxy is getting screwed in this whole ordeal as well. It's a PR nightmare.

Also, even though Steam reviews are often a cesspit of hyperbole or lame-ass, meme-y wannabe comedy ("this game has anime boobs, 11/10") it's good to know that publishers at least take them seriously when there's a legitimate issue.

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@austin_walker: thanks for the clarification, but I'm not sure that anyone who isn't a total idiot thought Iron Galaxy was solely responsible for this shitshow. It's obviously on the shoulders of WB, especially given the relative skeleton crew credited.

Plus, as you said, there are the Nvidia promos and myriad other fuckups. With that said, it definitely seems odd to not mention Iron Galaxy at all. Even without it being entirely their fault, Lang is at least taking some amount of responsibility on Twitter. That should be enough for a short bit in a long article.

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@ripelivejam: why would I bother him when the correct COA (course of action) is to simply stop reading his articles if I truly have a problem? But I haven't, and I don't. Stop trying to stir up shit. It's not my problem that you refuse to believe when something is widely said to be busted.

My friend has a 980 and gets pretty severe frame stuttering at times, as well as many missing graphical features that are present in the PS4 version I'm playing. There's no excuse for that. My problem is more that I just don't think the game is very good.

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@ripelivejam: I don't really care, others brought it up. It was fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, and they already shut down, so it's not like that was a contributing factor. It was just really funny and an appropriate end cap to their entire pretentious saga.

It's just that between that and not mentioning Iron Galaxy's involvement here, it's giving me Patrick/Brianna Wu/Zoe Quinn flashbacks. Only reporting one side of a story is not fair to the readers, even under the guise of an editorial.

But hey you were trolling within the first few comments so congrats, why stop now?

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@thevgamer: the recent article on Tale of Tales' closure also left out their hilarious/terrible Twitter meltdown. Selective reporting and all that.

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@humanity: word. MGS2 doesn't hold up very well, but it was mindblowing at the time. Graphics aside, MGS4 was never good. Never.

The FF7 of that generation, if you think about it -- lots of wowee zowee cutscenes and nothing else worthwhile. Even the "improvements" in control just nullified any stealth elements because the AI did not receive an equivalent upgrade.

MGSV/GZ at least has less brain dead enemies to even the playing field a bit. My concerns with that game are more with the way the story seems to be going.

That said, I really really really want to see Drew experience the goddamn nightmare of 4.