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@recspec: I kinda just realized Bo Dallas is essentially doing Kurt Angle's gimmick but in a much less interesting way.

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Is Hispanic Male the newest talent coming to WWE? It's genius, the feud is already there, this is a fantastic ARG from Vincent McMahon.

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@turboman said:

I'm about to start flagging posts that are talking about anime in this thread.


I might actually go out and see Hercules tonight on pure curiosity.

Stardust is totally an anime or JRPG villain.

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This game really needed some QA passes or something. Having to click through tons of dialogue every time you restart (which you have to, as the game is almost entirely trial-and-error) is pretty grating, and there are tons of typos. I like the idea of it but I can't say it's very good.

@zggurat yeah that is intentional, as you can see his ghost near the left wall. What wasn't intentional was when Jack died and then he kept sitting up and slumping down for the rest of that attempt.

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And to add one last thing; no one has said Bray should be unbeatable, or that he can't lose. Undertaker has lost plenty over his career, but when he was at his strongest as a character was when the booking found ways to protect his character while he lost. The current booking for Bray Wyatt is doing nothing to protect him, and he can only take so many big losses before people stop giving a shit entirely.

Yeah, there is a certain art of making losing still look good. As a recent example, when Rusev fought Big E, and puts the Accolade on him, Big E lost, but he did almost manage to get out of it. That was a good finish, as it kept Rusev on his tear but also didn't make Big E go out like a bitch.

Also did anyone else think it was weird how they showed a straight-up out of character interview with The Shield as part of a video package?

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@spudtheblacklab: Yeah, you're right, I misremembered. It was 250k for an Exoddus remake, and 500k for a new Oddworld (likely Fangus Klot).

Also you should remember that the game now scrolls, instead of having static screens. And that, to me, makes it a worthwhile remake on its own. No more running into pits that are just offscreen!

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Kinda felt the same way about the dude in Red Dead Redemption, by the end it was clear to me this dude was a bad person and deserved what he got in the end.

What? How? I mean, the player choice can create some incongruous stuff but it was always made clear that he was doing his best to be a good guy and trying to protect his family most of all. They even make him say "No thank ya, ma'am, I'm married" when he's propositioned, and you have a button just for tipping your hat and saying howdy to passersby.

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For sure. It's more expensive than I think it should be (20 dollars would be a better price) but I want to fund further Oddworld games. I love the franchise, and I'm psyched to see it coming back. Lanning said this will have to sell 250k copies for them to make a new Oddworld game, and I hope it makes it. I'm wondering if that's the reasoning behind the price, too -- gamble that there are enough fans who will buy it at 30 that they end up making more money than they would from more people buying it at 20.

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Great I guess.