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@liquidprince: Yeah stating my honest opinion is being a troll. It's more like the ones who somehow convinced hordes of people that TLOU is a good game are the trolls. People eventually figured out Uncharted 3 was garbage, hopefully it won't take that long for this. I would have enjoyed the game much more if it was just nothing but cutscenes, instead of boring-ass Manhunt gameplay punctuated by a really good story. It only highlighted how bad the actual game was.

@ssully: Doesn't bother me, man. I just bought a Xone and that's a hella stupid thing to do. I just happened to have extra cash and knew I would end up getting it for Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break eventually anyway.

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@mooseymcman: It was listed on PSN briefly as $60. Also people really liked this for some reason so if they're dumb enough to fall for that, they're dumb enough to pay full price for this.

This version should at least not be eye-scarring when not in a cutscene. Too bad it's still pretty much just Manhunt 3.

@comradecrash: Watching is the way to go. It's a great movie.

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I prefer 2048, actually. It doesn't have the garbage 2 and 1 pieces that can just fuck you over randomly, and its sliding makes more sense to me.

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Now this I can get into.

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@hatking: It seemed like most of the dlc leaned towards electro, which I'm not that fond of, but I enjoyed the Old School and... Hard Rock, I think it was called, packs? Both had Beastie tracks, so that was dope, and the rock one also had a pretty fun Pixies/Prodigy mix.

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Please tell me this is just an Inafune-like departure and he's just going to straight-up be making Metroidvania in everything but name. That'd be awesome.

If he made another game like that and nobody ever called them "Metroidvania"s again, I would be pretty psyched!

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Not every game can be the masterpiece Tomba is.

My copy was stolen by someone like... 15 years ago and every once in a while I track them down on facebook and twitter and bother them about it. Have yet to get a response. I have the case and backart for it, but not the disc or manual. At least Tomba was put on PSN and I found a copy of Tomba 2 (though without case/manual) in a pawn shop for only two bux.

Goddammit Tomba is fantastic.

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Actually, I will argue that post-patch it's a pretty easy game. That tree boss in particular is laughable.

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@erhard: It was more about being a completely open platform, I think. But yeah, anyone who thought these things would turn out to be worth a shit is a deluded idiot.

@big_mex: Is this the son of Robert Zdar?

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@elpork: Yeah, this. It's not that hard to understand.

That said, considering how garbage Steam sales have been over the past year or so, I've increasingly just been buying games as they come out so I can keep up and not have a huge backlog. It's not worth waiting months for a paltry 33% off or some shit.