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The Witcher does not take place on Earth.

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I support the adoption of Igavania instead of Metroidvania. Because Metroidvania is stupid.

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Just sell the Silent Hill IP to someone else already, Konami, jesus.

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I bet Werner Herzog would love the Souls games. The voice acting often seems straight out of his movies.

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Well this sounds like a real fucker.

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Hell yeah.

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@lawgamer said:

I think you misunderstand me. I get the basics, but it's the details that they failed to explain:

1 & 2: I get that the order is supposed to fight the half-breeds, but where did they come from to begin with? A lot of the lore is seemingly tied up with Arthurian legend (i.e. the Blackwater actually comes from the Grail), so I'm assuming the werewolves are too, perhaps via Mordred or Morgan le Fey? And yet it's totally unexplored in the game.

3: Yes, King Arthur. And yet it is heavily implied that the Order's original purpose was strictly limited to killing werewolves, and it was only recently that they became the shills for the government and the East India Company. Clearly, something happened that changed things, but it isn't really ever explained what or when.

4: Fine, and perfectly acceptable if that's the case, but it still feels like a missed opportunity to add more to the character.

5: I get the actual succession protocol of the knights. What I'm saying is that it's strange that the Marquis de Lafayette, a Frenchman who historically supported a lot of left-wing causes, is suddenly a dedicated member of a very right-wing British organization. The association doesn't make any sense unless there is more to the story than is being told, particularly as he seems to maintain his dedication to a lot of revolutionary ideals.

I thought the original Blackwater was from the Grail, but after that it's their own blood they're drinking, but it only works once they've already had "the real thing". When Lafayette is knighted, the big dude says something like "from now on it shall be your own blood that fills this vessel" and he cuts his hand and pours the blood into the vial.

3: I think it's related to Lucan being a half-breed, and thus, old dude bowing to Lord Hastings' whims.

4: I'm not sure, but I would hope it would give some background as to why she takes such a hard turn from a reliable, refreshingly tough female character into an irrational jealous zealot. I would also like some backstory on her waist/hips ratio because that is crazier than any werewolf.

5: Yeah, that didn't make a lot of sense, but he is also clearly the one with the least love or loyalty to "the cause" as a whole, aside from the whole "killing warwilfs" thing. He took the longest to say "guilty" and then shows up and gives Galahad his blessing to go against the Order at the end.

@hollitz at least Raam was the guy your crew was going after, and he was a high-ranking dude within the Locust (for as much as that matters). In Teh Urder, you just kill a mere underling, and never get to Hastings. If there was someone beyond him, it would be alright if they want to save that and the whole "WHO IS SHIPPING VAMPIRES AROUND" mystery for a sequel, but for him to be so close and then never Finish The Fight is really gross and reeks of "WE GOTTA MAKE THIS A FRANCHISE". Halo 2 is a much more apt comparison than Gears.

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@joshwent said:

@larrydavis: Ah so. That doesn't totally come across in the title, though. Like, I'd say, "I liked this game.", after I played a game I liked. But now I get it.

Sorry the ending bummed you out. If I may ask, did you get the game before reading any reviews? Hearing about how truncated the story is at the end from Jeff and others is one of the main reasons I lost interesting in playing it.

I had heard it was short, but I write reviews myself, so I avoid reading those or watching gameplay videos of something I intend to play. I'd rather not be influenced by the mass opinion, and did find myself enjoying it, even if it wasn't outstanding. A solid 6 or so. Now I'm debating on a 2 or a 3.

(You also could have read my post instead of glancing at the title, where I clearly say that the ending destroyed all goodwill I had towards the game)

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@joshwent said:

I'm really not sure what to think when all of these threads from people who liked this game are still more than half filled with complaints about it.

I'm saying liked, in the past tense. Until I finished it. Now I have nothing but seething hatred towards it.

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Sure, it's a pretty run of the mill third person shooter, but it does indeed look spectacular, and I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary. It's from a studio that previously made God of War games, so something that looks impressive but doesn't do much new or exciting in its gameplay was something I was prepared for.

Then, when I thought things were about to kick into gear for a big final act, it ended. Fuck this game. It's like they ran out of development time, feeling that it's okay to end with you killing some dumbshit lackey instead of going after the real enemy. It's disgusting.

A short game is one thing. I have no problem with that, and in fact prefer shorter, more focused experiences to some long, drawn-out garbage (thus, my distaste for most JRPG's) but there's a difference between "short" and "[MISSING REEL]". The Order had potential, and it was entirely squandered, as well as any sort of goodwill I had towards the game up to that point. Anyone else agree?