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...the guys knew you from a chat room, right? Jesus Christ

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I want to say any game released this year because of no money, but I don't think that counts. So Tales of Symphonia. People want way to much for it and I'm not willing to pay 200$ for a Gamecube game no matter how rare it is so I'll continue to be without it, possibly forever.

GC virtual console games on Wii-U, at least I'm pretty sure I heard something about that. And I have to imagine tales of symphonia will be on there if they do it.

Or, you know, just get the ROM and an emulator.

Holy crap. Is that game really going for that much? I have it sitting 2 feet away from me.

I do too, and I'm equally surprised. I had no idea it'd be selling for that high or anywhere near it. Jesus.

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I could never get into Just Cause 2. Every time I watch people play it or talk about it looks like so much fun but I could just never get into it.

Totally agree with you. I bought it on Steam during the summer sale and it has everything in there that should make me love it but it just didn't click with me.

JC2 is the sort of game where you need to make your own fun. The story is.. shitty? It's kinda bad, and super short, but it's bad in a fun way. It's not the main draw anyway; nearly all of the fun to be had in the game comes from the periphery. There are some good mods floating around out there that make it extra ridiculous, like multiple grappling hooks, extremely strong grappling hooks, etc. It's also like crack to someone who's a nut about item collection -- there's numerous black boxes, drug drops and ancestral skulls littered about the vast (and beautiful) landscape to pick up and it quickly becomes a major addiction if you're inclined to this sort of behavior.

To answer the question posed by the OP, Elder Scrolls Online (not released yet). Today their Facebook page decided to post links to a few previews from when they had people come in and play it for four hours. Let's just say that as a huge TES nerd I'm all torqued over here after reading some of the details, especially after Guild Wars 2 leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Which segues nicely into game number two: Guild Wars 2. I just don't get the hype. Run around from one hub to the next, do a couple things simultaneously for the quest person in the area, chat with them to buy stuff with karma you've earned, climb up to various spots and collect vistas, etc. I know with some of that description it sounds like I'm describing nearly any MMO, but GW2 just felt lifeless to me, for lack of a better word. I like when I'm given a good reason to do what I'm doing, but in GW2 I felt like I was just bumbling from area to area doing dumb, random things and buying crap. I didn't feel like I was part of the world, and instead just felt like a tourist, which is a huge oh-no-no for me. I think it looks very nice, and the main story is a good idea, but.. meh. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've given it multiple chances and it just falls completely flat for me which is a bummer. I really want to like it, but I don't.

Game number three: nearly every NES/SNES/[old console name here] game. I'm just terrible at them now. My 10 year old self would tease my 20-something self for being so piss-poor at these games. It's embarrassing, really. I don't know if it's the case of newer games becoming easier over time and I've become accustomed to that, or maybe I'm just slumping on my own, but I'm just horrible at older games now. The stage I'm at now with these games is where my parents were back when these consoles were new and I'd hand them the controller tongue-in-cheek, ready to laugh at their ineptitude. Now I'm there, and it blows. Sorry, mom and dad. I know what it feels like now.

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The other half were on board kept to keep OnLive running
The investment form Lauder Partners


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"Unsurprising for an Obsidian game, but a whole bunch of stuff was cut from Fallout: New Vegas."

This just makes me angry, really. Apparently Obsidian had a ton of stuff planned for FNV which had to be cut due to time constraints. The thread mentions they packed about twice the content of FO3 into FNV in half the time, and still a ton of stuff was left on the cutting room floor due to the realities of release dates. This article is super interesting if you're into FNV as I am; it explains why the intro scene is some shitty FMV and why Freeside is broken up into chunks and has few inhabitants (thanks, console users!), among other things.

Can someone please give Obsidian all the time they need to develop a PC-only title? Looking at the imagination and dedication put into stuff that was totally cut from FNV shows how wonderful a game of theirs could be if it were given time to reach its full potential. As it stands I really like FNV and much prefer it to FO3, but man, some of that cut stuff sounds awesome. Freeside being one major open location, beggars and pickpockets in the area, destitute inhabitants littered about, and whole host of other stuff not just related to the Strip/Freeside.

Also, fuck you, gaming news sites, for using this info to blast Obsidian. I think what they managed to pull off was a goddamn miracle, what with the shitty engine they had to use and the seemingly ridiculous deadline in which to finish the game. I'm lookin' at you, Kotaku. Shitting on Obsidian has become akin to Chuck Norris jokes and its just lame and unwarranted.

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I remember the thread when it was brand new on the Something Awful forums ('04 goons represent!). I was reading through the thread (which was only a handful of pages at the time) in the middle of the night because I'm a masochist. It was creepy as hell then, and still is now years later. When I first saw the icon for this game and read the name I thought to myself "I really hope this is based on Slender Man, as unlikely as that is." Turns out, not unlikely at all. I didn't follow Marble Hornets, but Slender Man spawned numerous works in his name.

Stuff like this is what made me not regret coughing up the 10bux to be a poster there. Now that Slender Man has his own game I wonder what other stuff from SA will surface, and ii what mediums. Maybe SA will become known for things other than memes and ruining your day in EVE.

Oh, and trolling Attack of the Show. And sending Pitbull to Kodiak, AK.

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Finished the game last night. My only criticism was that the chases got irritating. The game is such that you can never catch your target, only keep up with them until you get to a certain spot. I get why they did it, but it felt forced.

I thought about this too last night when I ran into an almost ambient challenge sort of thing. I was walking around looking for lockboxes and some shop owner (without an icon on him before this) yelled out "He took my money! Get 'em, Wei!" I got pretty damn close to him during the foot chase and started hammering the A button to tackle him (like you can do in LA Noire) which obviously didn't work. I just had to follow him to the end and then fight him. I kinda wish they had that LA Noire tackle feature, which would allow you to engage in the fight without having to run the whole course. It is kind of odd that a thief would run so fast and hard to get away only to turn around and try to fight his pursuer. You'd think if someone's already in flight mode, they wouldn't stop and then engage in fight mode. Sort of goes against human nature

Plus the thing is there IS a tackle button. I could understand not letting you catch certain enemies for story purposes, but for the majority of these chases it would have been nice to be able to get them before the end, to give you a reason for chasing.

I read an article somewhere where a rep from either UFG or Squeenix was saying they'd like to hear player criticism. I should find out how to actually go about doing that, as a tackle feature would definitely be a useful addition, as well as a few other tweaks. I also thought the "girlfriend" aspect was severely lacking. I don't want a dating sim here, but doing one event with five girls is kind of a drag if the feature's in the game at all. It felt like they realized they needed a love life counterpart to all the running and gunning to flesh Wei out a bit, so they slapped on the brief "girlfriend" missions. Having the girlfriend aspect more fully featured would be a good addition I think. And the gunplay, while adequate, was definitely nothing to write home about.

There is a tackle button. You grapple when you're sprinting. I have successfully used this a couple of times to cut chases short. I've only been able to do it when the runner has gone over a building and there is a path around the building without going over, though. Just wait at the other side and tackle the fucker.

That's the part I'm talking about, where you basically need to cut him off and get up to him in order to grapple. If you're chasing behind the guy the whole time there isn't a way to tackle him, at least not that I've found. When I mentioned LA Noire I mean I wish there were a way for you to speed up a bit in order to close the distance for a tackle when you're chasing right behind the person. As it stands now you either have to cut him off and grab him or just run the gauntlet and fight at the end. Or watch them hop into a car to try to get away, jack the car from them and then run them over.

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There's definitely ambient challenge stuff that probably adds to the 100% achievement. I was running around aimlessly and some dude told me to chase down a thief. When I looked at my save files the latest autosave said "Hit and Run: Soho." There was no icon for this event; it just happened as I passed by the area. Tran asks you to retrieve cars, probably at random, but I believe that will count towards 100% as well. There's also a checklist for all the vehicles in the game.. I'm not sure if that just means drive in one, or own them, but it's there and since it has its own menu entry it probably counts.

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That's just, like, your opinion, strange man in the bar

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This game sold some copies, TAKE THAT ACTIVISION!!!!

Meanwhile at Activision.....


Activision sold the rights to the game to Square-Enix I believe so they're probably doing just fine. They didn't make nothing on the deal at least.