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Pacific Time, and Im looking for people to play on 360, with headset preferably :)


Gamertag: Lasafrog



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Thats no help Axxol, read my post buddy - thats a dated post and Im looking to connect with and help out new players. :)
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Bah the Portal 2 lack of matchmaking has forced me to post something. I saw there was a similar post but its not been repied to in well over a week, and I'd guess those folks have played it through and through.


So, is anybody looking to start going through Portal 2 Co Op? Send me a friend request and bring a headset! Gamertag - lasafrog.


The game is great, but my 6 year old isnt quite skilled enough to play through this tricky bugger.

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I got every achievement in The Orange Box on 360, and the Aperture Science achievement was my most proud moment. Needless to say, I got very used to it on the 360 controller, so it'll be like comfort food going back to that I think.  Otherwise Id go PC, I think the WASD + mouse would be ideal.


I have a hunch nobody is going to go wrong with their platform choice, this game looks stellar.

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As a 35 year old gamer who owns pretty much every curreny system, I grow more confused daily by the PS3. While I love Uncharted, Flower, and look immensely forward to The Last Guardian, there is almost nothing at all that  like about my PS3 as a console platform. 
I dislike the controllers form and forced recharging, the XMB, the "me too" achievment system, the inability to chat with friends, the non-intuitive way you have to do most anything. The network, the store design, Home, the forced long updates, the long install of every retail game.  
Rather than improve these problems, P+ paid members get demos and 'cloud saves'. These are the least needed upgrades I can imagine for the average gamer. 
Am I completely alone in this? I'm surprised at how positively received this addition seems to be, I expected pages full of negative comments as I read this article.
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Navi never really bugged me, what really bugged me is Link's hyper-annoying Japanese shouts during various actions. It started with this game and was horribly distracting to me. I can't tell you what a bummer it was for me to pick up the GBA version of Link the the Past - my personal favorite Zelda game - only to find this was even retro-actively now his official voice. 
Fast forward 13 years, I just saw footage of Skyward Sword from GDC and I'm so dissappointed to hear Link still sounds that way. Does anybody else feel this way? 
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Man I really did love Activision growing up. They did wonders on the C-64 but holy hell, what have they turned into. It seems they're as cold as they come. Such a bummer.
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@jschmoe said:
"This will be number 5 for me.  I'll only get it for the After Years stuff.  Great game and all, but I've bought it a lot.  Get to making better games.
I have
  •  the SNES original cart
  • GBA
  • DS remake
  • VC.

I have those versions in addition to the PS1 "Chronicles" edition with Chrono Trigger. 
And yes, I agree. It's time to make something new, like a current gen final fantasy that isn't linear garbage. 
Still, I'll be buying this because I'm an idiot. 
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@John117 said:
"A couple of developers (see: Activision and Epic) have stated that they'd like to have the NGP and PS3 versions of games play together. That would be really cool if while on the go you could play actual games with PSN friends and carry over saves/trophies/ranking to the home version when you get home. I still need to see a decent price, $300-350 ideally, before I get seriously interested. As of right now though, this is looking like my next handheld console, and I think this is exactly what portable gaming needed too, tonnes of power, crazy inputs, potentially interesting social networking and connection to home consoles. Not to mention 99.99% of phone (iPhone and Android) based games are absolute garbage. Both the 3DS and NGP bring back the excitement of handheld gaming, for myself at least. "

I agree John. Like a lot of us I got the iPhone app bug about year ago,but that flame burned out quick. Quirky only lasts so long. For the games I enjoy most, you simply must have some kind of thumbpad and button layout as your basis for interaction. Without tactile feedback, you're just shooting in the dark. 
If you disagree I challenge you to play the recently released R-Type on the TurboGrafx-16 GameBox app. Love me some R-Type - but that ain't happenin'!
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So relate man. I have nearly 600 proper retail games spanning Vic-20 to Xbox 360, with a nice even spread on most systems to date. I have Mass Effect 2 completely unplayed ready to go, but instead of playing I've been YouTubing the complete playthrough of Ys IV: Dawn of Ys on the Japanese PC Engine. I imported that game years ago but never finished it due to the obvious language barrier.  So that 20 year old game is what takes my interest tonight, as the Mass Effect 2s and the Call of Duty: Black Ops are sitting on the shelf.