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@ssully: That about sums up reddit and about 99% of comment threads on the internet. Giantbomb included.

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I wish they could make Daniel Bryan heel but I'm not sure how they could at this point. I just wish his move set was more than chops and kicks so the fans can chant yes along with it. Cenas move set is more entertaining than Bryans at this point. He is capable of so much more.

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Ghosts was terrible and Advanced Warfare was terrible. I really have to stop buying these games.

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Orstein and Smough was the most frustrating boss I ever dealt with. I decided to not use coop in dark souls the first time through and I died to that boss for like a week before finally killing them. I'm sure there are harder bosses out there but in my experience they were the worst.

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Welcome aboard! Try to ignore the circle jerkin of these forums and you should have a great time.

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Sony are being real greedy pigs on this one. Too expensive so I'll pass.

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@gista: They haven't put out an album I have enjoyed in over a decade so it's easy for me.

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People still play plastic guitars?

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I still play daily but there just isn't enough to do in wod. All I do is log in and refresh through my follower missions, farm the mine and garden and then log off again. Not too mentioned they dumbed down a lot of class mechanics to the point that the game is just not that fun to play anymore. This will be my last wow expansion for sure.