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Sent a request to join. Bungie name is devinl and xbox 360 gamertag is devinl. NA West add me if you want to play.

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What story?

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If Raw was as good as it was this week consistently, I could get invested enough to consider getting the network. Well done this week WWE. The NXT showcase was good and the commentary promoted the hell out of the young talent, John Cena did his best mic work ever, Heyman is amazing as always, Jericho is a maniac doing that spot considering he is in his 40s and WWE are actually trying to build meaningful feuds around the lesser titles. Oh and Miz isn't terrible anymore.

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@mb: Bummer. Thanks for the info.

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Was thinking about picking this up today and I have a quick question. My friend has the normal not reaper of souls version but all I can find are the reaper of souls version. Will I be able to play with him if I buy the reaper of souls one or do we both need to have the expansion to play together?

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I cant even remember terminator 3 but I did see it when it came out. Terminator 1 was good but you cant beat Terminator 2.

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Are you honestly enjoying yourself though? I played bingo for the first time like a year ago and I just don't get what there is to like about playing it in video game form. Are there real prizes?

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I like Dan. He makes me laugh every now and then.

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I have super thick skin and I don't think I have ever been offended by any thing so I usually just shrug. I don't think reporting comments on youtube does anything really. Seems like a waste of time to me.

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Brad has been the best host since Ryan.