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Sony are being real greedy pigs on this one. Too expensive so I'll pass.

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@gista: They haven't put out an album I have enjoyed in over a decade so it's easy for me.

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People still play plastic guitars?

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I still play daily but there just isn't enough to do in wod. All I do is log in and refresh through my follower missions, farm the mine and garden and then log off again. Not too mentioned they dumbed down a lot of class mechanics to the point that the game is just not that fun to play anymore. This will be my last wow expansion for sure.

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Kotaku is surely a step up on the money side of things. Pretty much a huge step down in every other way unless mindless click bait articles are a positive to you. Congrats on making more money Patrick hope it works out for you.

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Didn't know you still did these thanks dude.

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The funny thing is is that Destiny's endgame or raid isn't even that interesting.

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Later dude good luck.

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Decent list except for advanced warfare. Advanced warfare is not a good game. The spawn points are terrible, the boosting just promotes ridiculous camping on top of buildings with snipers, the lag is the worst it's ever been in this series, the maps are all kinds of terrible besides like 2 of them. The kill streaks are either better or worse depending on if you think kill streaks should be worth using or not.