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@ares42: Ironic considering what giant bomb became.

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Those endangered pixels.

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Ubisoft can shove their honesty up their ass along with this glitchy piece of garbage. They deserve all the shit they get for having the nerve to ship this game in its state for full price.

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@amyggen: To be fair they use a 10 point scale so it's safe to assume a 2 is also complete garbage.

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Insane they even shipped the game like this.

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My roommate has a ps4 and the sticks on both of his controllers are worn down and super uncomfortable to use. Is this a common thing?

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@recspec: dawn I would know that was punk if it wasn't for the tattoos what is up with his face?

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Decent Raw. Rusev is supposed to be the heel? He isn't being booked that way. You dont have your heel get jumped in the match and then try to fight off 2 bigger dudes. Sandow was the best part of the show as usual. Should a tag team triple threat have 3 wrestlers in the ring at once? Shit made no sense. Dust bros havent won since becoming champions which is stupid. Ziggler and Orton was good. Main event was kinda terrible honestly. Am I a bad person for thinking Ambrose is weak on the mic?

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Nice I completed it on hard last week and all I got was a rocket launcher and a sparrow. It was all really easy except for the gatekeeper fight. Fuck that shit. Hopefully they patch the templer and atheon exploits out soon.

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Anyone want to give me a TLDR on what gamer gate is? I dont use twitter and have ignored all topics of random people discussing sexism since the dead island preorder thing. Should I continue with being ignorant of this whole thing or should I give a shit?