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Frankly, if I were being offered 2 billion dollars for Minecraft I'd take it. You could easily fund a new company with more talent and just continue to make more games. However, if the deal goes through it makes Markus Persson's pulling of Oculus support for Minecraft after the Facebook deal even more petty than it already was.

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Even though the ending scene you get for killing Kenny and leaving Jane behind didn't have a lot of substance, I can't really accept any of the other endings being a good place for Clementine to end the story from a moral standpoint. Yes, Jane had been alternating between being cold toward other people and outright antagonistic toward them since she was introduced, but up until the point that she reveals that the baby was fine and she did it to anger Kenny on purpose, there's no real reason to let her be murdered. Kenny is in the process of actively stabbing her to death when you have to make that decision. I'm not going to let that happen in front of me. I'm certainly not going to keep Jane with me either after she pulls that shit, though.

Also, fuck Arvo. He needed those painkillers for his sister, my ass. There were enough intravenous drugs in that bag to kill an elephant. I straight up took that shit. No regrets. And yeah, Kenny was going too far with beating Arvo, but if when presented with the option of leaving a guy who brought a bunch of angry people who are presumably gangsters with guns to shoot you behind to die, and leaving a newborn behind to die, and you choose the former, you're an asshole, end of story. I hope Mike dies out there.

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I liked Gods Will Be Watching, but Alex has valid points about the puzzles, especially about the third puzzle. The third puzzle is not well explained up front, you have to talk to the doctor a bunch in order to learn incredibly crucial information about what you need to do. It also isn't very clear on your actual time limits, the first number on the clock is actually only how long you have to clear all the rubble. You have 48 hours total to find the cure, and that time limit is never displayed, only told to you in dialogue.

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@y2ken said:

Cheers, Patrick! Keeping me amused for some time as ever.

That Brock Lesnar tweet is golden.

Now I'm left wondering if Patrick gets the real joke of that tweet, because holy shit that tweet is the best.

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Only 6% for Samantha Kalman? FOOLS!

Also, Alex isn't in the Royal Rumble, the winner of the Rumble challenges him for the belt. Now, the question of who goes home with the belt, that's definitely Alex. But Samantha will win the Rumble for sure.

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I feel like "Hey everyone it's Tuesday!" should be the battle cry, personally. I love the idea of Ryan yelling that as he charges into a fight.

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I suppose the Burak Tezeteser article does illustrate that fact, considering that releasing a game that's broken at launch and has that same broken build sent to game reviewers isn't guaranteed success simply by getting onto the Steam service.

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Was the A.V. Club article acting like Conway was tricked into taking the shot by "elusive language?" Did he not understand the sequence at the truck just a few minutes ago where it's very nearly spelled out that Conway is a recovering alcoholic? I guess it's more convenient for the article if the Financial Crisis made him do it, though.

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@mrgtd: Damn it, you beat me to it.

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Hopefully he'll bring some dignity to the day-to-day operations.

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