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@y2ken said:

Cheers, Patrick! Keeping me amused for some time as ever.

That Brock Lesnar tweet is golden.

Now I'm left wondering if Patrick gets the real joke of that tweet, because holy shit that tweet is the best.

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Only 6% for Samantha Kalman? FOOLS!

Also, Alex isn't in the Royal Rumble, the winner of the Rumble challenges him for the belt. Now, the question of who goes home with the belt, that's definitely Alex. But Samantha will win the Rumble for sure.

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I feel like "Hey everyone it's Tuesday!" should be the battle cry, personally. I love the idea of Ryan yelling that as he charges into a fight.

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I suppose the Burak Tezeteser article does illustrate that fact, considering that releasing a game that's broken at launch and has that same broken build sent to game reviewers isn't guaranteed success simply by getting onto the Steam service.

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Was the A.V. Club article acting like Conway was tricked into taking the shot by "elusive language?" Did he not understand the sequence at the truck just a few minutes ago where it's very nearly spelled out that Conway is a recovering alcoholic? I guess it's more convenient for the article if the Financial Crisis made him do it, though.

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@mrgtd: Damn it, you beat me to it.

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Hopefully he'll bring some dignity to the day-to-day operations.

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@petiew said:

@anwar said:

I know that there has always been an illusion of choice, but it was so fucking obvious with this episode, man, it was just bad. I'm pretty sure that most of your decisions have the same outcome no matter what you pick, except for the last one with Sarita

Yeah that's pretty accurate. Reggie is always going to die, Kenny will get beat down no matter what, any optional surviving characters are going to contribute nothing save 2 lines of dialogue, etc and it was really obvious and somewhat annoying in this episode. But i've learned just to enjoy TWD for the journey rather than the destination. Everything is going to play out the same, but the game lets you create your own little narrative within its predetermined story. From reading through these threads people always rationalise their choices in interesting and different ways, someone might have chosen all of the same dialogue choices as mself but because of different reasons. I think it's really interesting and that personal experience is why I don't mind looking past some of the very obvious flaws in this season.

Reggie dying and Kenny getting beaten to shit are not good examples of a lack of choice. Even if the game wasn't limited to very specific choices in what is still a linear narrative, you still can't control how other characters act. If Carver wants to kill Reggie, he's going to do it. If Kenny wants to take the fall for the walkie-talkie and Carver wants to beat him within an inch of his life, they're going to do those things. The places where this is an issue are scenarios like the one Anwar mentioned, when people start arguing about plans but no matter what side you fall on, there's really only the one way it will play out.

The choices that really matter in these games are the ones that affect your interpersonal relationships. The first season did a good job of this, the scenarios played out mostly the same, the main difference was what characters were around and how they reacted to Lee. This season really wants that dynamic to come out through the tension between the new group of survivors and Kenny, and making the player choose between the two, but is really not doing a good job of it. The story is interesting enough for me to stick through their roller coaster ride though, as long as they let me be the most stone-cold little girl on the planet.

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@gaff said:

@tomba_be: Just a tiny, tiny problem.

Well before the Facebook transaction was announced, Mr. Luckey acknowledged in writing ZeniMax's legal ownership of this intellectual property. It was further agreed that Mr. Luckey would not disclose this technology to third persons without approval. Oculus has used and exploited ZeniMax's technology and intellectual property without authorization, compensation or credit to ZeniMax. ZeniMax and Oculus previously attempted to reach an agreement whereby ZeniMax would be compensated for its intellectual property through equity ownership in Oculus but were unable to reach a satisfactory resolution. ZeniMax believes it is necessary to address these matters now and will take the necessary action to protect its interests.


If the statement released to Engadget is to be believed, Oculus basically admitted that Carmack's work on VR was indeed Zenimax'.

Yeah, if you read over that NDA it seems like Zenimax actually has a case here now that Oculus has been bought. If Oculus is using Zenimax's code, which Carmack says that they own, then sharing it with Facebook (which they are, de facto, just by the nature of being part of Facebook's corporate entity) then Luckey is in breach of the agreement that he signed. I'd love to think that Zenimax's legal team are being a bunch of assholes considering their previous shenanigans regarding Scrolls, but if I were Zenimax I'd probably be doing the exact same thing in this scenario if previous attempts to resolve the issue weren't going anywhere.

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