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I definitely felt the urge to leave, there was a scene I can't remember what was happening, but I just felt the urge to get out of my chair and leave because I wasn't going to miss anything. I stayed because I hadn't seen the friends that I was with in a while. very lame anti-climactic, what was the point of adding all that necromancer crap throughout the other movies? it didn't amount to anything but a dumb playfight scene near the beginning of this movie. bad movie, bad series.

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some jack the ripper references i guess?

who cares? who honestly cares at this point?

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God, it's almost like he's enthusiastic about providing content for the site, pppppfffffffftttt F' that

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I picked a few curators to follow, then never noticed it again.

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So Cody is now Starman from Pro Wrestling on NES? I'm down with that.

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Already saw it twice, really solid movie, with endearing characters, a perfect balance of humor and drama in my opinion.

Probably the best action movie I've seen in quite a while, I certainly don't see anything surpassing it this year.

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Where is "My Brother Thought It Was Alright, But I Haven't Played It"

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Twilight Zone

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money, though if I were a bit more motivated by the games or the overall use of the consoles I wouldn't have to much trouble getting/saving the money quickly.

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@cmpltnoob said:

I just got back from seeing Pacific Rim and wondered what everyone's thoughts are on it.

Personally, I had a good time watching it, but it seemed a little disappointingly small in scope for as big as it was supposed to be. Whenever there wasn't a huge fight scene happening, the movie followed a somewhat small cast of characters in not very many locations. Aside from the prologue, I never got a good sense of the outside world, which kind of took away some of the tension.

It was definitely a cool movie, but I guess I just wish the narrative felt bigger, rather than the literal size of the things in the movie.

This is a good point, I didn't really think about that, and it certainly stands as a good explanation why I cared so little for a lot going on.

The characters could not have been more cliche either, both main pilot characters were 2-dimensional and both motivated by the deaths of their family, and really the narrative justification for needing two pilots instead of 1 seemed completely unjustified and what we got as a result was TWICE the cliche. and you had the rival who thinks that pilot 1 is a nobody and blah blah blah.

and the definitely spoilers part:

A friend of mine also pointed out afterward, the whole plan was to close the portal with a bomb right?.... like, were they somehow convinced that they couldn't open another portal?