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This may have been said before but I think most people's biggest problem with the Mass Effect 3 ending and the lead up to the ending was that basically all our choices from the 1st 3 games and especially all our efforts building up a massive Coalition of Alien Fleets made no difference at all. It didn't matter. Most of you who have finished it know what I'm talking about. Red, Green, Blue. The Battle for Earth...same no matter what.... cinematic same no matter what... etc. What's your favorite color?

I'm sure these options would have been fleshed out if it had another 6 months of Dev time. Where's muh Volvus Bombing fleets and Geth Primes bringing the Rain of the hordes of Husks?

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I'd say it totally depends on how much 1200 MS points is to you. I imagine it could still be fun for a while playing levels over and over again by yourself, perfecting your strategy and trying out/grinding for new gear. Then again if a gold subscription seems too expensive for you, maybe it won't seem worth the 1200 points.

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Make sure u get Arma2: Operation Arrowhead, nobody plays Arma 2 anymore. And you don't need the original to play OA.

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@Gunner said:

" @stinky said:

" "  We don't know how politics, economy and technology will advance and morph over the next 13 years. "   true, wont argue there.  n fact i agree too much which leads me to...why write out all of those paragraphs of garbage before this then?  all to end in it doesn't matter, we can't predict the future.  its a work of fiction by an author who likes to go with the idea of "what if the US was invaded."  good premise as its a scary idea that can lead to a wide variety of stories.last time with Red Dawn it was Russia and Cuba,  with his new movie its supposed to be the new enemy of China. not sure why he went with North Korea in this game though. "

Because its fun and interesting to make 'what if?' scenarios. Like what if Napoleon waited for the ground to dry out before launching his attack in waterloo? would he have won? what would happen if he won waterloo? its just something thats interesting to think about. "
This is more along the lines of "what if Napoleon invented jet-packs at Waterloo and his newly created French Rocketeers Brigades launched a airborne raid of Parliament causing the surrender of the Britain and all of Europe to come under his control"?  Fuckin' Magnets!
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I know this thread is a little old but...North Korea's military is falling apart, they can't even feed their own people. North Korean children are on average about 8 inches shorter than their South Korean brethren. North Korean guards on the DMZ have to watch each other to make sure they don't just run across and defect. The first part of fictionalized history talking about a massive DPRK weapons build up is extremely far fetched even before we start getting into them taking over South Korea and Japan. I don't even see a scenario where they get to that point. Also the Deer Leader's son is fat, so that's strike 2 against plausibility. (thats a joke) 
Having said that, I like the game's fiction, it's stupidly unrealistic in a way that just makes it awesome :) 

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So wtf??

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I guess we can look forward to this being as preachy as most Japanese games? :(

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what? Linkin Park???

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Holy crap...I posted this in response to this weeks Bombcast and now it's on the site.

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