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I really like this, getting 2, one of each color. Hopefully the shirt is of high quality .

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I bought Dark Souls 1 twice and Dark Souls 2 3 times. I also buy good PC ports like valkyria chronicles to encourage more developers to release their games on PC.

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@humanity: I think we've been there for years now. Feels like it.

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You're pretty much fine if you don't use it in online games.

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I fully support the idea that Jason and Lisa should have a podcast on the site. There's a clever name in there and it just needs fishing out.

And for the Bombcast, I'll take Jason's perspective and reasonable approach over Dan's crazy nonsense any day. Especially now that we have context for Lisa and their relationship.

That would also reduce the amount of wrestling talk on the podcast, which I'm all for.

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The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

This man is speaking the truth, I wish the crew would address this issue next, and bring this site back to the greatness that was 2008. VIDEOGAMES! (Seriously tho, it's fucking insane that this thing has gotten so out of hand that this write-up was needed, it's fucking videogames.)

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Glad you guys did this write-up, good job.

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I really wish you keep these going, they're great. Thank you for the read.

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I love Ryan Davis

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I wish I caught this when it was posted. Great writeup, keep up the good work @mikelemmer .