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Please dont be a Prequel. Please dont be a prequel. Please dont be a prequel....or a damn sidestory.

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Hmm ok I think this is something I may be interested in But honestly...Why cant regular subscirbers get the update download features? I mean it makes sens really, Basically sony is saying hey pay us to do what should be free already.

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Im actually interested in this tittle for something my family and i will play together.

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im gooing 360 version for this one lol

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I wants this. I need to play the first rez but daddy wants this bad

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Yup...Buying it day one. Just gotta wait till amazon updates it and they get the cash.
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Even though people are complaining, as many people have said, these maps will sell and activision will make money and prove that you can charge an exorbitant for something and people will pay. Business' have been doing this for years and will continue to do it until it actually doesnt work. In the mean time I still play MW2 and BC2. Imma switch up to play BC2 on pc Just because I seem to have more fun with that game and enjoy destroying peoples cover and watching them scramble away. The balls in D.I.C.E.'s court to see how they handle added maps.    

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Dudley Vs Balrog DAY ONE!!! Itll explain how dudley beat balrog so hard he couldnt even scream "MY RIGHT MONEY!!!"
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They are Just housed in baggy pants. She doesnt suffer from the chun-li thickness.
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Wow. I honestly think that this looks very good. I enjoyed Fable 2 so I definitly think that I will jump on this one as well. I watched the X10 video for lionhead studios and IM loving the changes they make. I dont mind the loss of the hud it will change how you play it and just make you focus on everything you do.
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