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@humanity: .... Ugh, you're one of those people ....

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For example,

  1. "I want a JSON representation of every game in the database where the Genre is FPS"

I thought the query for that would be something like,

"[MY KEY]&format=JSON&genre=fps"

But that returns:


"error": "OK",

"limit": 100,

"offset": 0,

"number_of_page_results": 100,

"number_of_total_results": 42273,

"status_code": 1,

"results": [ array of 100 game objects ]


None of the objects in the results array even have a "genre" property, much less does it look like it's actually filtering properly.

  • How do I filter by genre, what would the query look like?

While we're at it:

  • How do I filter by release date, I.E. in a range, "between 1980 and 1990"?
  • How do I filter by giantbomb rating, I.E. "above 3 stars"?
  • How do I filter by whether or not GiantBomb has any videos uploaded for that game?

So many questions, so little API documentation with answers!

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Hey folks, guy-who-has-very-few-hours-to-enjoy-giantbomb-each-week here hoping somebody might be able to point me in the right direction as to when / if they talk about their equipment theft in any of the podcasts? I listened to E3 day 3 bombcast but they don't talk about it.

Do they at all?

Let me know, thanks

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12-11-2012 Podcast (most recent)

1:17:00 -> 1:17:21

Wow. Listening to this after, well, the incident... it's rather unfortunate that those words came out of Jeff's mouth in that sequence just a few days before.

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I bought NFS:MW yesterday and I have to say I'm disappointed on 1 aspect; the drifting.

Short version is this;

I played and beat NFS: Hot Pursuit last year and loved it for the drifting. Smooth, arcade-y, SUPER-controllable drifts... by the end of that game I was drifting corners so tightly and beautifully it was like I was a trained Gymkhana driver.

I played the death out of it until I got bored and anxiously awaited this game NFS: Most Wanted. I expected to jump in and have the drifting identical to NFS: Hot Pursuit, but alas, it seems very different.

(PS3 Version)

The drifting feels very... weighty, and is much harder to do than it was in Hot Pursuit. As a result, I'm not having as much fun since what I loved most (and expected out of NFS:MW) was drifting like Hot Pursuit.

SO my question is, given that I'm still early in the game - are there any cars, or upgrades for cars, that make the drifting similar to Hot Pursuit?

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Edit: I'm an idiot, browser was having issues, was showing me the GiantBomb from 2 weeks ago.. ignore this.

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Say, Darkfall Online?

I'm always looking for PvP-focused MMOFPS's. They're a rare breed but are the most fun I've ever had on a PC.

That being said, they need to meet a few criteria in order for it to be called "my kind of game". I'm not entirely sure where PS2 stands on these criteria, and I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out.

1. Is it an open world?

2. Is it a persistent world?

3. Is it "loot based", and do you "lose your loot" on death / "loot your enemies" if you kill them?

4. Or, is it more FPS-style? (Jump in jump out servers with player caps... essentially battlegrounds)

Anyone care to fill me in? :)

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It simply pulls the file up in an in-browser streaming thing. I want to download the actual MP3 file to put it on my Android for a 3hr drive I am about to do.

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So I just finished mass effect 3, and as with any other game I finish, I'm looking to find the bombcasters opinions on it... problem is I haven't been keeping up lately; does anybody know which podcast(s) they talk about ME3? Do they talk about it in multiple? If so, which ones?

Oh and the big question - do they ever discuss the ending?

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I stopped working on it in February because I got busy, but I've been anxious ever since to start it back up again!

Let me know what you think!

Except: we couldn't find or think of a clever logo (or name, for that matter). So... yeah we know the logo, and possibly the name, are terrible. Don't judge.

NOTE: 3 people total were on the project.