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Hey folks, guy-who-has-very-few-hours-to-enjoy-giantbomb-each-week here hoping somebody might be able to point me in the right direction as to when / if they talk about their equipment theft in any of the podcasts? I listened to E3 day 3 bombcast but they don't talk about it.

Do they at all?

Let me know, thanks

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12-11-2012 Podcast (most recent)

1:17:00 -> 1:17:21

Wow. Listening to this after, well, the incident... it's rather unfortunate that those words came out of Jeff's mouth in that sequence just a few days before.

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I bought NFS:MW yesterday and I have to say I'm disappointed on 1 aspect; the drifting.

Short version is this;

I played and beat NFS: Hot Pursuit last year and loved it for the drifting. Smooth, arcade-y, SUPER-controllable drifts... by the end of that game I was drifting corners so tightly and beautifully it was like I was a trained Gymkhana driver.

I played the death out of it until I got bored and anxiously awaited this game NFS: Most Wanted. I expected to jump in and have the drifting identical to NFS: Hot Pursuit, but alas, it seems very different.

(PS3 Version)

The drifting feels very... weighty, and is much harder to do than it was in Hot Pursuit. As a result, I'm not having as much fun since what I loved most (and expected out of NFS:MW) was drifting like Hot Pursuit.

SO my question is, given that I'm still early in the game - are there any cars, or upgrades for cars, that make the drifting similar to Hot Pursuit?

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Edit: I'm an idiot, browser was having issues, was showing me the GiantBomb from 2 weeks ago.. ignore this.

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Say, Darkfall Online?

I'm always looking for PvP-focused MMOFPS's. They're a rare breed but are the most fun I've ever had on a PC.

That being said, they need to meet a few criteria in order for it to be called "my kind of game". I'm not entirely sure where PS2 stands on these criteria, and I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out.

1. Is it an open world?

2. Is it a persistent world?

3. Is it "loot based", and do you "lose your loot" on death / "loot your enemies" if you kill them?

4. Or, is it more FPS-style? (Jump in jump out servers with player caps... essentially battlegrounds)

Anyone care to fill me in? :)

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It simply pulls the file up in an in-browser streaming thing. I want to download the actual MP3 file to put it on my Android for a 3hr drive I am about to do.

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So I just finished mass effect 3, and as with any other game I finish, I'm looking to find the bombcasters opinions on it... problem is I haven't been keeping up lately; does anybody know which podcast(s) they talk about ME3? Do they talk about it in multiple? If so, which ones?

Oh and the big question - do they ever discuss the ending?

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I stopped working on it in February because I got busy, but I've been anxious ever since to start it back up again!

Let me know what you think!

Except: we couldn't find or think of a clever logo (or name, for that matter). So... yeah we know the logo, and possibly the name, are terrible. Don't judge.

NOTE: 3 people total were on the project.

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Sorry about the lack of paragraphing, stupid IPad!

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I played the beta for a good 100 hours a couple of months back until I finally gave up on it out of frustration... The lack of a competent matchmaking system left me with a win/loss ratio of around 1/4, meaning on a good day I would win ONE IN FIVE GAMES. Then I compared it to my time with League of Legends: their matchmaking system works so well that most people I know have a 1:1 win/loss, as do I. Meaning: the game pairs you against teams of the same skill level as your team... I quit out of frustration because that simply was not the case in the beta and it resulted in more angry losses than actual fun. My friends and I were constantly paired up against insanely organized and experienced teams that were clearly FAR better players than any of us, so we constantly got obliterated. My hope was that in returning to the game post-release they would have ironed out the matchmaking system and before I bother downloading it myself I figured I'd ask the forums. What are some of your guys's win/loss ratios post-release? Do you find yourself winning and losing around the same number of times? Is it still insanely impossible to catch up and imbalanced when they start snowballing with a few kills lead?