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Firefox restart did the trick.

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Exactly what it says.
Searching for a solution I only found old post describing the same thing.
Happens on Streaming, Progressive. HTML5 doesn't seem to work.
Bandwidth not an issue, buffering is way ahead of playback.
... it wasn't choppy in the non fullscreen embedded thing before - now it is.
So now it's always choppy.
Any solutions for this?

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The effect of this: Piracy.

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It's not one less view when you only use that view. S

Won't buy. Not that they've made it easy for me to buy anything for that matter. Fin windows live intergration has blocked me from buying their last three games.

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Skyrim's million mods and growing vs Dragons Dogma's zero mod status quo... (Get Skyrim)

If something is bothering you in the game, chances are someone has already fixed it.

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Comedy Bang Bang, Adam & Joe, Who Charted?, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Skeptoid, Doug Loves Movies, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks...

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