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GB: Launch

Steam ID: Launched

Region: GMT+1

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Coming back after a year of not playing, IGN: Launch

Got my Nyx ready to rumble!

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Goddamnit... The part where I broke down was the mention and thanks to Ryan. Jesus Christ, Patrick, best of luck wherever you may go next. Whatever it is, they'll have a reliable, independent and downright skilled journalist. I'm currently in the last year of university, mere pages away from getting my degree in journalism. And I can only hope I'll be half as professional as you are. Godspeed. <>

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LaunchLunchbox here, got it during the christmas sale so I'm ready to race!

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I can't help but feel a little bit of hope. I want AC to be good again, damnit. We were so close, and then Black Flag sailed us by to make room for Unity. Can we go back to the things that made Black Flag good? Hell, can we go back to Brotherhood-style?

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Getting hype for the European release, any more Euroduders about, ready for some online smashing?

NNID: Launch

GMT+1, varies, mostly during weekends morning/midday

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Hey duderino's,

I got the game for free with my copy of MK8, so I was wondering if anyone did the same? I'm super new to the game, don't really know that much about whats going on but feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things, and since the game is more fun online, I thought to see if you fine folks were still getting into it as well? I'll get my NNID when I've got the chance in a few hours.

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Launch90 on ye olde PS3.

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Goddamn you, Johnny. Making me cry like that after I thought I had worked it all out of my system.

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I came up with mine back in the days of Diablo 2. I couldn't think of a name for my character, and so I read the back of my GameCube Freeloader box, and used the first word that caught my eye.

Thinking about making a switch over to Saucepan Man though, because I cried with laughter at those two bombcast-bits.