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Waiting... I'm a chef and am always alone in the pastry kitchen on bombcast day and it's the perfect thing to keep my company

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Just sent my present off, I sent a whole bunch of stuff from Australia! A case of Carlton beer, cork hat and a cold chisel cd

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Would love one but chances are low with Pokemon, dishonored, x com, 2 Assasins creed games, medal of honor, need for speed, fable, Lego lord of the rings, forza, 007 legends, skylanders, dragon ball kinect, Harry potter kinect coming out this month

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I know that he is wrong a lot of the time but he is a side of the industry that we don't really get to see. Also he does play video games just a bit more causally, some of his pack attack episodes are really informative when people ask about the business side of things

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It's not a coincidence that both gamespot and giantbomb hate resi 6 it's a nice lookin lg game but the gameplay mechcanics are ancient it's just not fun to play

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They will never return back to the game boy days for sure
Not sure that there with be another playstation portable but im sure the 3ds is really profitable even though it's not selling as well as the ds did

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1. Borderlands 2
2. Jouney
3. Ssx

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I could download it for free on ps+ but I'd rather download the free ugly fish themes

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I was in a long term relationship a year ago
He was from Canada on a working visa in Australia he wanted to get married so he could stay in the country I said no even though I cared for him I just didn't think he was my soulmate and I was only 20 at the time

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@FlarePhoenix Yep it's pretty fucked up at the moment, everyday there's just a new story about how our leaders really don't know what they are doing and aren't listening to the Australian publics needs