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Come on follow me. 0

Here take this. come on follow me!! go go go!! over there!! follow me!!!  These lines are instantly recognized by Dead Rising fans. spamming Y while four survivors are running behind you with hundreds and hundreds of zombies at night reaching out to grab into you. no one can forget the pure thrill of Dead Rising 1.   A lot  of people loved it even though it has some issues here and there. but here we are, finally after 4 years we finally have the sequel. im glade to say that most of the issues f...

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Bloated Garbage Dressed in Medal of Honor's Clothes. 0

I've been playing the Medal of Honor series since the PS1 days. i've always liked them over the Call of Duty games for the realism and overall better campaign. when this game was announced i was excited, a Medal of Honor game set in Afghanistan threatening to dethrone MW2 is exactly what i wanted the franchise to do if it made a come back.   Sadly i stand here today to warn you that Medal of Honor is the most glitch and bloated game so far released this generation.  how could they possibly mess ...

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