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I just finished Castle Crashers with a friend. I'm looking for something that is local and co-op. I know there may be nothing as good as Castle Crashers for this. I got both Trials also. Any suggestions?

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HandsomeDead said:
"The biggest con I think with Dead Space Wii is that the actual gameplay of the 360/PS3/PC editions of Dead Space is boring garbage and instead relied on the graphics and sound to (fail in) building an atmosphere. Having a machine which can't do those things is going to cripple the game severely."
K well you perception of gameplay should never be trusted again.

Dead Space for the Wii has the potential of being good. I don't think it can be as good as the other versions mainly due to the fact that the Wii controls lack "fun."
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yes, its amazing

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ok you want to know how to beat him. make sure its on very easy. spam jump kick then sweep with the right trigger only. move away as he gets up then repeat. just use the right trigger to sweep and jump attack. sometimes he will win with this tactic but its the best tactic. Truth.