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You should try out it seems like an awesome solution, assuming you are on win8. I haven't personally gotten to work more than just use it as a way to use my classic controller on a snes emulator, but other people have supposedly gotten it to work. Having said all that I, too, use @bbalpert's suggestion.

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Any update on this?

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Sorry I couldn't embed, but its a steam-specific trailer, and could only find the normal trailer on youtube

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@Kerned: I don't know about firmly planted. It does have improvements that make it more powerful than the ps3/xbox 360. (double RAM, better video card, etc.), but yeah I was more frustrated with the fact that developers still talk about xbox 360/ps3 as "next gen". Though @DeF gave a good point. I guess it is just a terrible habit people have now. Will they call the new systems "next-next-gen" or something now?

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Also from the article. " there's nothing going on that is not up to par with the other next-gen systems" .. .. so. Not only are they calling Wii U the same gen as the xbox 360/ps3, but they are calling the xbox 360/ps3 "next gen systems" .... I forgot after 2012 we go back to the year 2007.

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@Doskias: That.... is. Ridiculous. :( I was planning on buying on Wii U specifically for that feature. Now I just don't know.

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@DeF: Interesting. I suppose I can wait another day haha

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Do we know for sure that this doesn't support off-tv play? That's what it seemed like on the quick look, but that is just silly. Anyone know for sure?

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@Zelyre: Or even better, 3 words; Kal Ort Por or even Vas Rel Por

Honestly, I clicked on this article solely due to the UO image.