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I want to get Mortal Kombat 2 or 3 for the SNES but I don't know which one. What is the better option? Keep in mind I will absolutely be playing multiplayer with other people

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Ok. I saw the tutorial for it but it wasn't letting me use x or a to allocate points in the slot. I completed some story stuff and then I got the ability to allocate points. Not sure exactly what I did. Maybe it was killing the griffin? Anyway thanks for helping.

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I have like 3 skill points ready to use but I'm not getting the prompt to do anything with them. Is there something that I'm missing. I just started the game and am only level 4. I'm just trying to apply them to the first tier but the game just won't let me. I'm playing on Xbox One, if anyone else has this problem on that platform.

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Thanks to everybody who wrote in. The issue is that I'm just dying on bullshit enemies and not making jumps with enough speed. I probably shouldn't have made the Dark Souls comparison but it certainly asks way more of you in terms of exacting pretty complex timing compared to newer Mario games. those are actually for babies in terms of difficulty. Getting through those is trivial if you every played a game. I guess Super Mario World just asks way more of you then Mario does now and I wasn't prepared for that. FYI I got that game in the mail yesterday and maybe sat down with it for an hour and a half, so maybe it gets more fun.

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@cornbredx: You're right about me being sincere, wrong about me being a kid. 21 years old.

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@dt9k: I really wish I wasn't joking. I'm actually having kind of a hard time.

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So I got a SNES recently and got Mario World with it. I thought that it was going to be a nice ride in the park. Then after I died 5 times in a row on the first level I thought to myself, "Is this old school Dark Souls or something?". Granted I haven't even played an old school mario game before but I thought that shit was for kids. This game certainly isn't either. My little brother gave it a whirl and did no better. So is this game really that stupidly difficult or am I just that bad at platorming games? For clarity I'm playing this game on a SNES, on an HDTV, and am in great shape, I have great natural reflexes.

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Yo, Furious 7 was pretty cool but when faced with the sheer stupidity of Mad Max: Fury Road it doesn't even rate. Fury Road just starts and never stops for anything for 2 whole hours.

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@shagge: Both of those things I want. I have a bunch of the Pokemon games and I thought it was cool when the Pokemon Stadium games let you slap your copy of Pokemon yellow into the pack under the controller and play that game in big ass stereo sound on the TV. F-this I'm going to go play a match of Pokemon Stadium. Then make a super intense painting about it in mario paint.

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@jeust: Ok. I had seen the video they did where they played snes games all day and Patrick was saying that when that game came out he and his friends beat it in an hour and a half and his mom complained to nintendo support about how short it was for an $80 game, so I was a little skeptical on it. But if you say it has real legs then I feel better about whenever I pick that up.