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Ridiculous Fishing for life, Kid!

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Maps seem pretty good. They added the new hovercraft vehicle to get around easier on the archipelago maps. The new mode they added seems like a good addition but the part when you get to the carrier is a complete cluster fuck because you have to attack two objectives rush style and funnel down a hallway to certain death. Helicopters are also super clutch in this exspansion because the maps are so large and you have to cross all the water and negotiate the islands that just flying to an objective to capture it makes helicopters super useful again. Overall its a nice package that lets you do some pretty cool stuff and have alot of fun but if you were hoping for an expansion that brings new options to the on-foot experience then look elsewhere.

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I just can't even...

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GT: hunterkiller171


Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Titanfall, MGS5: Ground Zeros

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I watched the Id@xbox video and GDC Stream and I liked the sweatshirts he wore but I couldn't figure out the brand and was wondering if anyone out there knows. Thanks for your time in advance duders.

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I have BF4 for the Xbox One. If I joined the Platoon would I be the only one playing that game on Xbox One?

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I really need to go finish this game.

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I'm a freshmen Computer Science major and my teacher showed us that same video for It was really informative and made me more confident in my decision to be a computer science major. Coding in Java is really hard and I struggled the first month or so but once you see the syntax and operations come together you really get a sense of accomplishment.

On there are links to sites like Khan Academy and Code Academy that have lessons on programming languages like HTML, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and others. I started in on JavaScript and saw that the lessons are very well put together and I learned a lot in a two days. they also make it a point to track your achievements online so you can see your progression over time. I highly recommend Code Academy if you want to learn about coding and programming. Even if you aren't a computer science major you'll build a valuable skill that can really come in handy.

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Another Quality piece from our Beast Coast corespondent Alex Navvaro.

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I'm looking for a used PS3, Working if possible. With the announcement of PS4 imminent now would be the best time to try and see if anyone is trying to get rid one they no longer need.

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