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Legend of the River King, no question

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The Kappa wiki is a joke wiki put together by the users of /r/Kappa basically so don't look to it for good information. However do go to /r/Kappa if you like funny photoshops/gifs/videos of the FGC.

The best way to follow the goings-on of the FGC is to follow/list a lot of the community on Twitter and watch the streams of majors.

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As a software engineer, the above post is reaching the limits of what can be qualified as a "simple program" :P

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@Oginam said:

Can you be more specific about the date or time frame for when the logo was made?

Also, I think the key to finding this is going to be the big guy with the flared out gloves AND his association with a female hero that appears to be wearing a skin tight face mask.

Created in early 2007. Like, between the start of the year and March.

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Thanks for your guesses all. I've asked the creator many times but he can't remember what it came from.

I am pretty sure it is not TF2 or Borderlands unless it is from a piece of concept art that I haven't found.

I'm thinking it might not be a video game if no one has recognized it yet.

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Hi all,

I have been a member of and mentored a high school robotics team in the FIRST Robotics Competition for a while now. This is my 7th season. During my rookie season we switched our logo to this:

I am here because I am pretty sure the silhouette of this team of people is from a video game ad that I'm pretty sure I remember seeing in a magazine. The student who created it was also very into video games. Probably around 2007 or a bit earlier/later. All I can tell you is that the left person is a woman and that the left and right figures seem to be wearing goggles.

It is not TF2 or Borderlands, and I think it is a PS2-era game. One other suspicion I had a while ago was City of Heroes, but I don't think I ever found any promotional art for the game that looked like this. I may be mistaken on that fact.

I've been trying to find/recall the game or ad this was from, and figured maybe you guys and gals might know what it was from the silhouette. Thanks for any help or guesses!

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Everyone in this topic saying "it is easy/only takes X hours/is cheap" have probably never developed software as a profession :P

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"Your credit card will be charge upon reserving your unit"

Red flag red flag red flag

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Almost all streams on Twitch have "intro" (aka when you load the stream) ads by default. Streams can get special ins with Twitch (like the charity marathon Desert Bus For Hope -- going on now!!) to remove the "intro" ads.

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@Rotnac said:

I've noticed this too but it was happening far more often yesterday than today. Sometimes just hitting the X button to open stuff while auto-reloading will make my stack disappear.

On the flipside I've also had my stack go up to over 60, when I've only got my skill level where the max should be 50.

The default max Anarchy is 150