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I love Telltale games pre and post Walking Dead and not really sure how I feel about this..

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Man John Carpenter is so cool.

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Really interesting read. Looking forward to what they have planned! Thanks Patrick!

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I can understand how some people might like Prometheus but I just remember hating it at the time when I saw it mainly cause of how fucking stupid some of the characters were and just feeling like their motivations were all over the place. But its been a while, maybe worth going back to rewatch.

I can't say I hate 3, I agree with the location/circumstances but boy that CGI, and it feels like such a hard gear change after Aliens which was an entertaining reimagining. The original is a classic so you'd be hard pressed to get anymore out of that. That's whats so great about 2, it doesn't try to be a sub-par original, it instead carves out its own identity and iterates on the existing mythology in new and interesting ways. Alien 3 is just a lesser version of the original.

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No it doesn't bother me that much, but if a better version is available to you then why wouldn't you go for the better option?

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Hmm yeah I can totally understand where you are coming from. Its still more vague than a confirmation of the exact moment in which the Alien reveals itself and also whose to say how accurate an approximation that time really is. Different people will undoubtedly reach that moment at different paces. Still it would have been better to keep even rough approximations more vague to keep from spoiling people's expectations.

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Great list Patrick I'll definitely be checking out some of those I haven't seen yet. Although we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Aus I can't help but jump on board being a big genre fan.

Some movies I know I'll include in my schedule; Creepshow 1 and 2, the Evil Dead movies originals and remake (I love them all!), Halloween III, original Night of the Demons, original Wicker Man and original TCM and TCM2.

And with AHS freak show, Alien Isolation and the Evil Within coming out this looks to be a hell of a month!

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What the fuck? No PC release? Although I'd be surprised if one didn't come out eventually that still sucks. I was really looking forward to this but it ain't worth buying a console for.

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Don't even know what to say, I really don't. I NEED THIS.

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Holy shit what?!! I.. WHAT?