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@stonyman65: @giantlizardking: I see the "this isn't what Giant Bomb is about" defense a lot. Well, says who? Did I miss the mandate on what Giant Bomb is or isn't about? Because your Giant Bomb and Jeff's Giant Bomb sound very different.

I seem to remember Jeff and Ryan specifically saying "It's a site about video games!" and that the main purpose of the site was based around video content and news about video games. Go back and listen to a lot of the early podcasts and watch a lot of the earlier videos where Jeff and Ryan talk specifically about what their intentions for the are. Things haven't changed much since then.

Nobody has said anything about the site not being inclusionary - everyone is welcome here and all opinions are welcome here - the point that we were making is that site is, first a foremost, and entertainment site. They produce videos, audio, reviews, news stories, and the occasional staff editorial and community contributions. That's it.

I have no problem with the commentary on social issues, but I do have a problem that there are certain people who make it their mission in life to interject that into everything on the site and shout as loud as they can about it. That shit is getting OLD.

"It's a web site! About video games! Giant Bomb, dot com!"

And Ryan was always so diligent about avoiding social/political issues on the podcast, it's clearly something they thought wasn't a part of the site. People would bring up Republicans/Democrats or recent news and he would turn it into a joke and make it entertaining.

This. A million times this.

Just because there are people wanting to avoid these types of discussions that doesn't automatically make those people ignorant of these social issues. Absolutely the site is different things for different people, that should be respected. But if we are arguing what this site was founded on and what it has been about since day 1 it has been about bringing together people through dumb fun - and I think that has been more effective in building such a cohesive and understanding community than direct social commentary has done.

Ryan was a smart man and I believe he was well aware of the social issues that plague this industry and where the site sat in relation to these discussions. It was capable of bringing people together through dumb antics and encapsulating the larger issues into smaller less serious arguments so people of different social views could side with one another over stupid things, and by doing so build bridges with the hope of one day leading to a greater shared understanding of these tougher social issues. IMO putting these issues out more directly, to drive what is increasingly appearing to be more radical social change (based on the responses these issues have generated unfortunately), was bound to create a horrible backlash which has unfortunately seemed to have an affect on the site, or at least some people's perception of it.

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@sethphotopoulos: It's a steam key so should be redeemable for a mac, looking at the steam store page anyway it says 'steamplay for windows and mac', just no linux.

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Not sure why the negative reviews - it's a great game if a little frustrating..

Humble Bundle currently has the Bureau for $1 as part of their 2K bundle so if you are interested you really can't go wrong!

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Still miss you deeply Ryan :(

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@masterbrief: Yep. Its a great, campy horror anthology. Tonally very different to VHS but I highly recommend it if you enjoy the anthology format. The screenplay is by Stephen King and its directed by George Romero so the quality across the stories is fairly consistent and it doesn't bother spending too much time developing the framing story between shorts apart from the (great) introduction.

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VHS is a pretty decent horror anthology. I agree the first and last tape are definitely the best in the original. VHS2 is vastly superior even though it feels like it follows more of a formula than the first one and loses some of that mystery, particularly with the 'framing' story which just feels more contrived than the original. In the first I was genuinely interested in what was going on in the house between each short even though its not a main part of the movies appeal. Still neither of these are as good as the original Creepshow imo.

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I suppose it depends on the kind of horror movies you're after. But you've already got some great stuff on there. I'll just throw out some suggestions that most other people have covered.

Cabin in the Woods - obviously great to watch with a bunch of friends who haven't seen it.

Apartment 143


The Innkeepers

Grave Encounters - the first one atleast.. and if you enjoy that see the second one too

V/H/S - I really liked the premise for this but some of the 'tales' if you want to call them that were hit-or-miss for me.

Blair Witch Project! (yeah I'm a sucker for found footage - sue me)

Tucker and Dale - pretty great horror comedy

Evil Dead 2 - I have a huge soft spot for the original Evil Dead movies. I enjoyed 2 more than the original but I have yet to see the remake which from what I hear is a serious gorefest. But if you want a good horror comedy with ridiculous 80s special effects and bucket loads of fake blood this is a must.

Creepshow 1/2 - someone mentioned this too somewhere. Another great compilation of campy horror tales - get a real 'mature' kind of Goosebumps vibe from these.

The Strangers - if you're into home invasions

Rosemary's Baby

Dead Birds

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@inkerman: You're joking about the NBN right? The whole point of the government building the NBN is to stop the current situation we have with Telstra's ownership of the copper network in the first place. Private ownership of the bulk of Australia's internet infrastructure does NOBODY any good apart from Telstra. It doesn't benefit marketplace competition and it certainly doesn't benefit access for people living in rural Australia.

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It's borderline disturbing seeing the hubris of Nintendo in their current situation. Sony really showed how to take a new approach for the next gen and admit past mistakes. I really hope that we will see some serious management changes at Nintendo by this time next year.

Agreed. I don't want to see Nintendo fail and end up no longer making consoles.. but bloody hell do I want to see them get a good kick up the ass for some of the crap they seem to just dismiss specifically their online functionality and what I believe are becoming (for me personally) some rather stale franchises.

I used to get really excited for each new Zelda game but if the next one is like Skyward Sword I'm done. Theres only so far you can push that same dungeon-item-puzzle formula. I'm still on board with what you might call the 'non-major' Zelda releases (handheld games) but when you announce a new Zelda for your home console I expect something that is going to push the boundaries like they used to - particularly for me in regards to story and characterisation. The 'chronology' for that universe is an absolute mess and Link has about as much personality as a doorstop.

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