2012 Games you Might Not Be Aware of but SHOULD!


Good 2D fighters that aren't 60 bucks and don't feel like they're clinging to ancient outdated design mentalities are extremely rare so indi fighter Skullgirls is one of kind as far as I'm concerned and I can not wait to play it. Never mind the fact it's an all female cast fighter, which is fucking awesome in of itself, everything about it screams must play to me from the art direction and brilliant animation to the devs making sure people know how serious they are taking its balance and feel and how important a good tutorial is. Even the best AAA high budget fighters fail at doing tutorials, I hope Skullgirls shows them all how to do things right alongside just being as plain awesome as it already looks it will be.

Asura's Wrath

Almost everyone at every game site, absolutely everyone has been cynical, doubtful and downright insulting to Asura's Wrath so far and no doubt the reviews will reflect this. Personally I view the game as an experiment, a unique set of ideas that might not fully pan out but are well worth experiencing. It might very will just be "Dragonball Z with quick time events" but I seriously don't care. Games need to do this kind of presentation more often god damn it. I don't care how simple and linear the mechanics are, I want to explode MORE CYBER SPACE GOD BUDHAS using nothing but the power of anger and fists! If I have to play a cross between Afterburner and Dragon's Lair to do so then so be it.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

The last Cybertron game was fan-fucking tastic. It was by far the best Transformers video game made to date and the sequel is set to improve and add on to everything the original did and more. Wer're talking giant space T-Rex's, combiners, bigger crazier robot guns that will seem like they belong in Ratchet and Clank. How can any self respecting nerd not want to yell fuck yeah at all that! Plus Shockwave is in it and this time around the art direction won't be dipped in a bland sesspool of brown and grey metal due to the vast improvements in Unreal Engine 3's tech since the originals release. Though I'm sure some people will still bitch about Soundwave not turning in to a casette player.

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The Laziest Aza Awards for 2011 part Ni

Biggest PC Version Fuckup: Rage

Utterly incredible that the company who invented the PC first person shooter managed to at last ship a game on PC that was completely unplayable upon release and the subsequent "consolification" managed to make it that much worse an experience. The days of Id being a studio to care about seem to have passed unless Doom 4 manages to be incredible, and PC centric.

Runners Up: Batman: Arkham City, Renegade Ops

Game I Regret Buying Most: Duke Nukem Forever

In a year with as many dissapointments as crazy awesome surprises Duke by far took home the gold when it came to games I felt I had been outright tainted by owning. It wasn't just that I'd wasted 70 fucking dollars, but that absolutely nothing about the game was good. Even Duke himself just came off as a sad pathetic piece of shit, completely unfunny and out of place in the 21st century.

Runners Up: Crysis 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Most Annoying Sequence: The Asshole Demons Room - Uncharted 3

Very rarely do I play a game and get so intensely frustrated I have to lower the difficulty in order to simply progress. Uncharted 3 on my first playthrough was a game that at times drove me to madness. Man did they fuckup how that game played compared to 2. I just wish the alternate aiming option were there at release.

The Asshole Girlfriend Boss Fight - Dead Space 2, The Asshole Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat

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The Laziest Aza Awards for 2011

I was inspired by Sarumarines awesome blog post and decided to do something similar. And by similar I mean totally rip-off his layout but come up with my own categories.

Most Addictive Co-op Game Mode: Last Stand - Dawn of War: Retribution

Dawn of War: Retribution's Last Stand, a mode carried over from Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising respectively became one of my biggest game addictions this year. 153 hours according to steam I've played and I am all too aware that at least 90% of that time was spent in Last Stand. If they actually kept updating it with new hero's I'd still be playing. Why aren't I? I... got all the hero's to max level.

Runners Up: Horde - Gears of War 3, Multiplayer Mode - Sanctum

Game that Most People Hated or Ignored but I Enjoyed Alot: Bulletstorm

God did I love Bulletstorm, I buy alot of games on console and PC now but this was one where as soon as I started getting ready to upgrade my PC for this year l could not get a copy of the PC version fast enough. Such an incredible game, so naturally its also on my proper GOTY list as well but it deserves this too since it made zero prophet, which is absolutely baffling given how incredibly fun, refreshing and just so good it was.

Runners Up: Alice Madness Returns, Shadows of the Damned

Most Shit I Collected in a Game: Riddler Trophies - Batman Arkham City

Seriously what the fuck Rocksteady, it's like you were trolling OCD people such as myself. Give us a reason to collect shit in a game and if we enjoy playing it enough we'll do it, yes we will. Hours upon hours of annoying pressure pads and batarang throws and standing in places I had no idea were worth standing in. In Asylum it was fun, in City I wanted to kill whoever decided 300 trillion trophies to collect was a good idea. You literally covered an entire game world in trophies!

Runners Up: Treasures - Uncharted 3, Servo Skulls - Space Marine

The Best Shotgun: Boneduster - Bulletstorm

2 things a shotgun needs to be: extremely powerful and very lowd. You need to feel like you are blowing a hole through space and time when you fire your shotgun, to not achieve this in your game is to fail at making a shooter. The Boneduster wins because Bulletstorm had one of the best arsenal of guns in any shooter ever, I would even say it rivals the likes of Doom and Half Life 2, the guns were that good.

Runners Up: Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun - Uncharted 3, AS3Ultimax - Saints Row the Third

Most Disappointing Game: Crysis 2

Between clearly being built and designed for consoles instead of pc's, the fact it launched without DX11 support, the fact it was a super simplified and super streamlined and vastly less intersting or compelling to play than Crysis its sequel wins outright. I was so excited for this game, I was all set to push my pc to the limits I was excited to play a shooter with dynamic branching paths, clever AI, fucking DESTRUCTIBLE BUILDINGS and it had none of that, zero. Everything that made Crysis so amazing was almost gone. They practically removed the suit powers, somehow even making those less fun to use.

Runners Up: Dragon Age 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Best Stupid Cursing Drunken Asshole: Grayson Hunt - Bulletstorm

Dicktits, dicktits! DICKTITS DICKTITS DICKTITS. "I'll kill your dicks!" "What? you'll kill my dick? what does that even mean? I'LL KILL YOUR DICK!" - he says this to a female character. Any excuse to give more praise to Bulletstorm is a good one, Grayson was hilarious and awesome to play as. Steve Blum's voice is featured twice in this category, the man really knows how to curse and act like a complete drunken moron which I imagine is way harder to do in acting than real life.

Runners Up: Garcia "fucking" Hotspur, Duke Nukem

Most Respectful Female Character: Ellie - Dead Space 2,

Alot of talk goes around the internet all the time about how women and females in general are portrayed in games. Thankfully the outright awful pandering and often creepy stuff seems to be getting fewer and fewer. Most noticeable if you look at future titles like Dead or Alive 5 and Soul Calibur 5, series notorious for their past portrayals of women finally seeming to clean up their act and be more dignified in their costume designs and proportions of their female characters. This however isn't enough, because we still don't get enough well written, interesting and perhaps even bad-ass female characters in games so we can only hope this changes over time. Luckily this year was decent for these and so I picked the top 3 that I believe did a fantastic job showing the ladies can be as if not more awesome than the doods in games. Ellie wins not just because she reminds everyone of Sigourney Weaver from the Aliens films but because she was written as well as any character should be, interesting, cool, reliable, likable and hopefully returning for Dead Space 3.

Runners Up: Trishka - Bulletstorm, Kinzie - Saints Row the Third

Best Use of Music: Saving npcs to Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler - Saints Row the Third

Licensed, unliscenced, doesn't matter which a game that uses music tremendously well is rarer than you'd think. And by far this year one game did it better than any other; Saints Row the Third. Never before have I heard the song Holding Out for a Hero and been so god damn pumped and motivated. Nothing was going to stop me, absofuckinglutely nothing.

Runners Up: Crysis 2 menu music by Hans Zimmer, Mad World during that scene in Gears of War 3

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Just saw Avatar and man, that was one hell of a movie.

I thought it was going to be another 'all effects and nothing else' but I was dead wrong. I dont think I have ever gone to see a movie and actually ended up caring more about the cgi models than the people until now.  The most amazing thing is that the vast majority of it is cgi but you never really notice it like you do in other movies because it is so well animated and well lit and well textured.  Its not perfect and I dont think cgi ever can look photo-real perfect but its damn close.  It was all constantly believable, I never saw odd physics or weird lighting or strangely low res surfaces, at least none that I noticed.

The technology they developed for it all is mind blowing.  Just thinking about how they rendered the forest scenes makes me go 'how the f*** did they do that without killing their render farms?' 

A friend of mine twittered saying it apparently rips of Nausica and the Valley of the Wind which I would agree with to some extent, but saying that you could also say it rips off any story where humans are once again killing and destorying life for their own selfish greed.  Thats what it primarily was, an old story people are familiar with but it was done amazingly well.

The ending wasn't surprising and their was no real major things that happened I didn't see coming but I dont care because it was utterly brilliant from start to finish.  

If someone hated this movie it would be like hating a really awesome video game that borrows mechanics from other games and pulls them all off flawlessly.  It was familiarity combined with incredible visual artistry and its now one of my all time favorite movies.

Also the blue chick is pretty hot.

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2009 was good, not great like 07 but good.

Well the year isn't far from over, I've finished my Best of 2009 list for the gb awards and am almost done voting on the gamespot 2009 awards.
Overall both these tasks have made me realize how few games came out this year I would actually put on a top 10 list for 09. Honestly their were only four really for me. Batman, Dawn of War 2, Dragon Age and Uncharted 2 all for pretty much the same reason; because they were awesome.
Sure their were plenty of others I had fun with, had alot of enjoyment with, whatever you want to call it.  I just tend to only want to list games on these kinds of things that I not only had immense amounts of entertainment with but also thought they did something or alot of somethings especially well that no other game has done prior.
Batman Arkham Asylum 
It wasn't just one of the most well designed highly polished titles ever made but it did two things no other game of its type has done before:
1. It showed that a game based on a well known license can be incredible.
2. It showed that a game based on a super hero license can be incredible.
It not only proved that every other game up till now that fits under either of those categories (basically every comic or film based game ever made) has been a lazily made worthless piece of shit but also that with the right time, right people and right design decisions this kind of game can even make regular titles look inferior.  It was a near flawless combination of metroid-esc exploration and item acquisition, innovative brawler combat and several other cool things that would take too much text to continue describing.  Batman is a bad-ass and has always been one of the more bad-ass super heroes so its not really a huge surprise his game was the first to truly shine. My hope is that it inspires other people to make games of well established things just as high quality as this game was.  Personally I'd like to see a really good Spawn game.
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 2
I'm a long time fan of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game license but that doesn't automatically equal an awesome game. Relic proved yet again that they are the kings of this property when it comes to games set in its universe.  Dawn of War 2, at least in single player and co-op was infinitely superior to the previous DoW games, its a shame they messed up the multiplayer so much. My best friend and I are still playing it in co-op.
Dragon Age: Origins
For a very long time I had almost zero interest in this game then one thing lead to another and before I knew it I had bought two copies of it, one for me one for my friend and boy am I glad I did.  On my third playthrough now and still loving it.  Best fantasy RPG made to date. The characters, the story, the writing, all top notch Bioware level quality no other rpg developer ever seems to manage to pull off.   Its hard to describe those things in detail, you have to play the game to really understand why its so good.  I will say that Morrigan is one of the most interesting and complex female characters to ever exist in a video game.   She is a sociopath, an evil bitch, a funny cynic and a hot yet disturbing person all in one.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
It wasn't my game of the year but it was my ps3 game of the year.  I still consider U2 overall a masterpiece but I'm not one of those people who think its 'omg like the best game evar'.   Nathan Drake is still a sociopath and the sequel still suffers from something the first had. I cant really describe or understand what it is but its there and it still bugs me.  I wish I knew why the Uncharted games still aren't clicking for me on the same level a game I truly enjoy does but I almost get the feeling its got more to do with Naughtydog's past games than anything else.
See I liked Uncharted 1 alot and I like its sequel even more but I still don't like either anywhere near as much as I did the Jak series ND made in the ps2 era.  Maybe its the art style, the tone, who knows. I prefer abstract games set outside of reality or at least with a very skewed view on reality.  U2 isn't 'realistic' but its real enough that it doesn't grab my attention by the throat and yell in its face like the Jak games did.
I like Uncharted 2 but I would LOVE Jak 4.
Oh right and as for the reasons I liked U2 pretty much just go read / hear what everyone else said, cinematic gameplay, pretty textures etc. Train level ftw.
Well that's it for me and 2009, bring on 2010 and all the kick ass games I'm looking forward to.

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The Gaming Madness Continues

 Dragon Age: Origins, Tekken 6 and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time all release next week.

I'm still enjoying Uncharted 2 alot but I think its magic will be lost on me after my second play through is done. Don't get me wrong, its an incredible game but for some reason its just not fun enough to make me want to replay it many times over like I usually do with games I really like. That's probably got more to do with me still not really liking the third person shooter genre than the game itself. I think its the lack of precise aiming and the fact I cant just run out in to the open guns blazing like I can in an fps.

Its why I love games like God of War and Ratchet and Clank and arcade racers like Pacific Rift, its just mindless balls to the wall insane fun. Realism in gaming has never appealed to me in any capacity other than 'ooh that's pretty'.

Brutal Legend was kinda meh and Wipeout HD seems to have turned in to my ' play only when I'm bored ' game so I look forward to Dragon Age alot, that game boasts over a 100 hours of gameplay, the more videos I watch of it the more I want it. Its like world of warcaft, but slightly desaturated, filled with blood and lacking the idiots/assholes you always run in to in mmos.

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