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I feel like various clips from past podcasts of Jeff and Brad shitting all over Banjo Kazooie, calling the fans that want a new proper game crazy etc etc would be appropriate right now.

I mean god damn, 40 minutes. Maybe you guys should be a little more open to the idea now that maybe just maybe this is a thing a lot of people want ey?

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He shall be missed, best of luck to scoops with whatever he does next. Looking forward to the inevitable podcast cameos.

May the gb and youtube haters gleefully cheering about this all burn in hell.

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Ironic, they're finally doing a historical location time period I have actual personal attachment to and yet all I can think is why not somewhere else, like say Egypt, Russia, China, Japan. Any of those four locations would be amazing.

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It's kind of telling that the state of the entire big budget industry right now seems to be "ship it before its done fix it later". That kind of thing has existed since the internet age began but wow has it gotten so so much worse in recent years.

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That was an awesomely well written thing there Jeff, agree with everything. My thoughts on the whole matter are pretty lengthy so I think I'm personally gonna type up my own blog post, if only for my own well being.

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@beforet said:

The thing missing from that video is the camera pointed at the audience. I want to see their faces. I want to watch the old guy who has gone to every single Letterman show realize what he is seeing and go insane from the revelation. Or just become very, very confused and distraught. I want to see that.

Also yeah, that was terrible synthetic English. They should really work on that before doing this again.

This, I wanted a crowd cam so bad. I'm a life long anime fan and I still get confused about the whole Miku thing. If she were an actual AI and "miku" were "her" physical self projection that'd be cool in a Macross Plus kind of way but she's literally just a pre recorded cgi animation with some horrible autotune music playing.

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@def said:

Not a remake Patrick. Dear press, please stop calling ports remakes all the time. This is a port with some minor polish applied.

A port is when a game is taken from one platform to another with almost no changes whatsoever beyond resolution. That's not what this is. They're adding control options, screen ratio options (which means rendering more on screen than was previously possible) and updating the graphics which means using higher resolution versions of the background renders and higher poly higher res versions of the character and prop models. So no not a simple port, quite an extensive update actually.

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Be interesting and fun looking? so far it still just looks like a bland version of Borderlands to me.

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@hero_swe said:

I don't know man, it's as a weak argument of him being a good guy by not killing bad guys when the bad guys he doesn't kill repeatedly causes lots of death (*cough*joker*cough*)

You basically summed up Batmans entire dilemma and one of the key things about his character that makes him who he is. Batman not killing = Batman. Soon as Batman kills he's not Batman anymore.

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Fucking hell zenimax, could you possibly make yourselves look like any bigger assholes right now.

They're literally just mad their ex most talented guy is now helping another company potentially make a boatload of future money. Its pure greed and jealousy and nothing more.