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Its a pretty damn fun game and the whole diablo-ee loot lust thing is done well. But eh the story remains pretty so-so.

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I didn't like how they ended Liz's story. It really just came down to; well she lost her powers and she died and saved no-one the end. Bioshocks universe is fucked and cruel and whatnot but I really expected something less... negative for the way it was to end. Something that was less of a "well I guess Bioshock truly is dead now".

The dlc really emphasizes Ken Levines thoughts towards ultimately closing down Irrational and abandoning AAA development I think also. It's very clear after you play that dlc that this is a universe and type of game this man has lost complete interest in but rather than see it off gracefully or put it in the hands of another more enthusiastic (more talented?) person he'd see it killed like an unwanted family pet. I dunno I just, I love the Bioshock universe and it both saddens and angers me that it had to end. Infinite was already a let down after the first Bioshock and although I enjoyed many elements of the dlcs they left a very sour taste.

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I think its time for Nintendo games to go multiplatform Nintendo. You know it, we know it. Time to swallow your pride and accept this course of action.

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Greedy out of the times idiots sweeping everyone under the same rug as usual. I really hope all this crap gets sorted eventually. Some of the best youtube "personalities" are being harshly effected by this nonsense and the world would be a shittier place without them.

AngryJoe for example I fucking love his reviews and most of the poor guys video library has been flagged because of this bs.

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Last few Ratchets made me, a long time RnC fan, quite cynical towards this game potentially not being shit. It's nice to know it's not so I'll definitely grab it eventually.

People kinda hate Insomniac because of their last few games really, sadly even if this one is great it can't undo their last few that were just all really bad.

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Hope this one is good. Hasn't been a decent one since crack in time.

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Yeah gaming is pretty crazy affordable now. With a pc of modest specs you can play hundreds and hundreds of great games either for free or incredibly cheap. Between the constant discounts, sales and bundles at retail and digital no one really has a reason to complain about the cost of this hobby.

The more common issue I find is that due to the internet a lot of people think they need to play the latest hottest thing day1 all the time which simply isn't true. Every game can eventually be bought and played, you just have to accept you can't get every single one brand new all of the time and theirs no reason anyone should be able to. Pick your battles, decide what is worth your money and when, get back to other stuff when its cheaper.

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As an artist who basically survives due to PayPals existence I am constantly in a state of worry they may randomly cut off my finances some day "just because". Really wish their was an alternative service that did the same as they do without all their bs.

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How come I get a feeling the same people that Buuh'd the Xbox One DRM stuff are going to Hurray! at this news... It's an odd world, the world.

Except this was the one and only good idea MS had for their bs online stuff. A tiny miniscule gleam of sunlight amongst a sea of liquid shit. And then they dropped the feature, and now Valve is doing it, and on PC no less. It's almost hilarious.

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I started playing last night, being an aussie the game just became available for us today. And Shaundis drug mission is still in the game fully intact. I thought maybe it'd been censored or edited but as far as I can tell it wasn't at all.

Unless when the characters are "lighting up" and are holding actual lightbulbs while doing so this was the change (which hey I think makes it even funnier if so). Do they have actual joints in the US version of the mission? maybe that's what they edited. Still a months delay just for that seems crazy.