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Posted by Reetesh

Nice list :D  helped me in choosing mine too :P
I know assassin's creed 2 is better than 1 and all.. but still didnt feel like selecting it. I guess its all the tenns who are going around praising the game like god thats turning me off :P Would rather choose if played. 
L4D 1 is really awesome in many ways.. I dont know though... how L4d2 is better than L4D1 (didnt read much about it) hence didnt select that.. for everything else, I wrote reasons, check it out :P

Posted by Lazyaza

I added the last four just to fill out the list actually, haven't played them yet. I intend to eventually, whenever I have the cash to spare.
I wish I had four games I have actually played that I could have put in their place but eh nothing came to mind I thought was worthy of a top 10 besides the initial 6.  I was hesitant to put Fear 2 on there but looking back I did really enjoy the game, it was just less awesome than the original.    I completely forgot dow2 came out this year I've been playing it so long lol, almost didn't make the list.

Posted by Reetesh
@Lazyaza: overall Gameplay wise batman was better? Or is it the Batman universe that made you put it above Uncharted?
Posted by Lazyaza
Well I like to look at my top four like this:
Batman - showed licensed games can and should be awesome and will very likely inspire publishers and marketers to change their ways, hopefully.
Dawn of War 2 - innovated more within the rts genre than any game has in almost two decades and has some of the funnest co-op ever.
Dragon Age - innovated in terms of story, characters and dialogue.  The game has more 'grey' in it than any other title ever.
Uncharted 2 - immense technical and design achievement.
They're all listed for different reasons but in terms of the raw fun I had and my level of interest I think the order represents that.   Even then I'm still not sure if its 100% accurate, the games are all so different that its pretty impossible for me to say 'this one is by far the best of the year!'    I tried to put it together as best I could based purely on my gut feelings.