Games I've Beaten

All of these games I have completed at least one full playthrough.  When I started making it I didn't have a complete recolection of all the games I've finished so from time to tim I imagine I'll be adding random games from years back.
The requirements for this list are also that I:
1. Didn't use cheat codes or a cheat device
2. Completed up to and including the final encounter/sequence of the game and saw the credits roll 
Making this list has been interesting, over 50% of the games I've played I either didn't finish or they didn't have standard soloable campaigns.
Games I have labeled with 100% I have either done the following:
- Beaten it and unlocked all bonus content
- Done multiple playthroughs that have resulted in me seeing all the content should the story have alternate routes or different scenario options
- Maxed out a character, obtained the games best gear and played all its content
- For the sake of redundancy all games that don't have unlockables or optional content are also labeled 100% 
I do not count beating a game on highest difficulty as a prerequiset for 100% unless it is required for obtaining all bonus content, if I actually did that too I will also note it. Also my memory isn't perfect so the games I cant remember if I beat and unlocked / completed everything in by default don't have 100%s

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