Games That Should Have Been Rated R18 in Australia

For a few years now the world has been hearing about how utterly absurd Australia's games rating system is. We're the only developed country in the world without an 18 rating for games that is without question; needed, especially more so now than ever before as so many games move closer and closer to realism and include very adult or mature content definitely not suitable for anyone below the age of 14 and in alot of cases not suitable to anyone below 18.

The stupidest thing that has resulted from Michael Atkinsons reign of illogical stupidity is a surprisingly large number of games that are rated 18 in places like America get released here under the MA15 label (unedited) so any teenager essentially can buy these games no questions asked unless they look particularly young and the shop actually cares if they're selling inappropriate content to minors.

So here is just a handful of the many adult games that kids here have been happily enjoying.

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