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Multiplayer is not hurting games at all. There are times where it felt shoehorn int because publishers believe a game "needs" multiplayer but I never felt it hurt the core single player experience.

Multiplayer has produce a shift in gaming preference, with some gamers only playing games if it has multiplayer. Hopefully developers will find ways to enhance single player games with multiplayer elements, akin to that of Dark Soul.

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When playing the Leon campaign I felt the infected were like bullet sponges. You can keep shooting them in the head and they wouldn't drop. It wasn't that tense or atmospheric, they just threw a bunch of zombies at me and I just had to keep spamming my kicks and melee attacks. When a horror game gives me the ability to superman a bunch of infected and round house kick them or do a 360 corkscrew throw, then it cease to be a horror game.

The Chris campaign played like another generic cover shooter and the cover mechanic was a chore to use. The characters and atmosphere is dejavu, been there done that. Oh well at least it gave us awesome dialogue such as "is he always this awesome?"

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Killing actually nets you more point. You get undetected, distract, terrify bonuses. You also get over 600+ points for enemies team killing each other plus the hide bonus. 5000 points for a pacifist run is a lot of points but if you kill all the enemies in the stage and do all the above you'll net a ton more.

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Its reasonable for the US but the price is far too inflated everywhere else especially Europe. I think Nintendo will get solid sales in the US but if they really wanted to penetrate the market hard they should be more willing to take a loss on the console and sell it cheaper.

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Eh, the 360 library is pretty solid. Personally I was never a fan of console exclusive content but that's the direction the game industry has headed. As long as the exclusive stuff is throwaway and not too important then it shouldn't be a big deal.

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The Witcher 2 had a kicking manual. The game came with a 50 plus page manual detailing quests and lore, along with a nice size map poster. There was also a music soundtrack included. If only more games came packed with such love nowadays. It is too bad the game was kind of a shoddy port.

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The COD series. It's like a sports franchise now, with yearly installment and a few modification here and there. It has gotten real stale and really should take a break before gamers get numb to buying the same formulaic game year in and year out.

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An iconic one is when Aeris died in FF VII. Arguably one of the most impactful moments of gaming for its time. Never before has such an important character whom the player was invested in died so abruptly. I was taken aback when it happened, it really came out of nowhere.

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Red dead Redemption is a great open world game with a really likable character. John Marston is a badass and the old school west setting is a nice change of scenery. This is coming from someone who hates the GTA series and nearly gave up on Read dead on his first play through.

I really enjoyed the Sleeping Dog demo but I would find it seriously hard to take a story about a undercover cop who brutally murder people and routinely steal cars and cause reckless mayhem too seriously on the story department but that's just me.

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I've been on a Thai Martial Arts movie kick recently. They can produce some cringe worthy no wire fight scenes. The protector in the op is a good example. Ong Bak, Chocolate and Raging Phoenix are all good Thai martial art flicks. If you're a MMA fan you'll probably get a kick out of Donnie Yen's Flash Point. Here's a scene from the last fight which incorporates throws and grappling alongside awesome kung fu.

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