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Welcome to discussing Zombie Goddess with the developers, ZOZO GAME.

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Sup, Holmes? met it's goal, but it's still really awesome of Patrick to link to it. Patrick and Holmes are two of my favorite people in video games.

Regarding the opening paragraphs, what can be done? Sites will drive up traffic any way they can, so I guess we just wait for people to wise up.

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@rocketboot said:

@daiphyer: It's actually after the Ruin Sentinals (sorry I mistakenly called them Gaurdians earlier). Before you cross the bridge to Sinners Rise (it's actually two floors below the petrified dude in the cell, I made another mistake earlier!) you will find a illusory wall that you need to interact with (rather than strike with your weapon). It will lead you to a diagonal corridor that seems to be a dead end, but there is another illusory wall to interact with along the left side of the hallway. There's a good ring to the left under the bridge. But the item you're looking for will be along that ledge I mentioned earlier. Whew

Yeah, this is in the Lost Bastille. start at the Servents' Quarters Bonfire and head in the DIRECTION of Sinners' Rise, but stop once you get to the room filled with breakable doll prisons (alternatively you can start at Straid's Cell and go down the steps, below the bridge to Sinners' Rise). go through the doorway adjacent to the large metal cage and the first wall can be found in the back of this area. The second is on the left side of the newly opened area.

You can also jump over to the Exile Holding Cells bonfire from here.

McDuff is a pretty great blacksmith name.

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33. healing during The Pursuer

Even though your opponent has a long reach and can easily close a distance, the boss has a slow rotation. Knowing this, try to dodge diagonally and into the attacks to get to the rear. This bought me enough time to heal with an Estus flask. You can also put a ballista between the both of you to buy some time.

Yo, #10. (Pursuer Tip), I haven't seen it much but there is a ranged attack, so watch out for that.

Edit: Or just keep your distance. You want to keep the largest possible gap between both of you. Attacks are fairly easy to dodge and you can just wait for a long attack animation (like the poking blue/cursed sword attack)

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I'm really glad to see this. Great write-up, Patrick. Porpy is pretty amazing.

By the way,

"Wrapped around these games is an grungy"

that "an" should be an "a".

Here's a link which probably doesn't matter 'cause that was most likely an accident.

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Just about everything relies on Elizabeth losing her finger. With this in mind, I don't understand what first incentivized Robert Lutece and/or Comstock to want to capture Anna. How did one or both know she would have these powers?

Along with this, how does Comstock gain the ability to see tears?

Both are pretty critical questions, but I feel like, with the way I felt about the ending, I will only get unsatisfying answers.

Edit: Sorry, I got confused looking at the timeline. I was looking at two separate timelines with conflicting interpretations. -I found this via a comment from someone on the page linked by djou -This uses the information gathered by the Industrial Revolution pre-order web game (I wouldn't recommend playing the game)

I still don't understand where the idea came from to capture Anna in the first place. If, let's assume, Rosalind somehow saw it (the creation of Elizabeth's powers) happen before, how did it happen the first time, if that makes sense.

The more I speculate on it the more I feel like the ending was rushed and I will never understand time/space travel stories.

Also, there is this if you wanted to skip around to check some story beats

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So I think I made it to Step 7

When I click on load driver the last couple lines of the log say,

"SUCCESS:Install MotioninJoy Driver Successfully.

INFO:Load Driver of 'Port:_#0002.Hub_#0004' completed."

I am assuming this would mean that MotioninJoy would then recognize my controller, yet upon returning to the "Profiles" screen the program doesn't seem to. I know I'm somehow missing a step, but can't tell what it is.