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I like my metal symphonic and/or parodic, but I'll never say nay to Tool.

Me 2, but I kinda forgot the name of that type of metal. Symphonic... thanks for reminding me. Found this list on wikipedia and am sticking the names in youtube and discovering some good shit. . I also love Tool.

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EH. In my experience most third party controllers for any system are crap. They are usually cheaply made or have significant flaws. I have a logitech wireless ps2 controller. It is decent, but it has flaws too. Thumbsticks slip off your fingers, buttons are cheap. I'd just stick with the sony first party controller. Even if you find a third party controller you like, they are usually not made to last like first party controllers. Another option is maybe there is an adapter to use xbox controllers on the ps2. I know there are adapters to use ps2 controllers on the original xbox.

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I just couldn't ever trust them again if they cheated on me. It would just be such an insult and it would be like they had no respect for me. The girl I am dating now I've been with one year. I think I love her, but if she cheated on me I'd have to leave her even though it would hurt me a lot to do so. I could never trust her again not to cheat if that happened.

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Besides demon's souls it is my favorite game of this generation. I agree that there are a few annoying one hit kill situations, but they are rare, and most can be easily avoided. For Havel, I never had much of a problem. Best tactic was to circle and backstab. If you keep dying against him you are fighting him way too early and at a low level, probably by using a master key and you cannot really blame the game for that. Also, it makes sense that trying to beat the game with no armor isn't going to work too well. Just think about it. If a guy hits you with a sword when you have a robe on you are dead. If you have armor you survive. I get that some people want to play as a character with a visual style or feel that they like, but I see as there fault for being a bit stubborn and not using better gear if they have trouble with the game. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls do have lots of options for armor and weapons, but really a lot of them aren't really viable. Wearing no armor isn't all that viable in a lot of situations and a divine falchion isn't very good in comparison to the high damage big swords and other weapons.

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Oh wow I didn't realize there was an option to switch the site view back to the dark type. I hated that it turned white after the site update. I am a happy camper to have things dark again.

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I have this problem as well and it says I have 20 unread messages when my inbox is empty.

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I liked it as a kid but realized how dumb it was. It's essentially just a bunch of greased up body builders badly acting in a soap opera and occasionally fake fighting each other. I just see pro wrestling as something that is hard to continue liking once you get older and realize its really fake.

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@BigBoss1911 @Winternet : I received your @ replies although it didn't update the unread message count in the header... ugh... I'll look into this

My inbox thing at the top says I have 20 unread messages even though my inbox is empty. It's been like this since the site relaunch.

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Oh and for las vegas check out the pinball hall of fame. Has a ton of pinball machines and arcade machines and prices are really cheap as it's a non-profit.

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Little Big Planet is just awful to me. The gameplay is just boring and terrible. The game would be fun for little kids I guess. They basically just sold you a crappy game creation software with really awful platforming mechanics.