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I'm down if anyone else is still doing this.

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Meaningless number is meaningless.  

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@super_machine said:
" Yes, I played my first online match in zombie mode and got flamed by a bunch of kids who wanted me to leave the game before the first round was over. Fuck this game, its full of pussy little bitches and I cant stand it.  "
Yes, because online communities are always the game's fault.
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Not a lot of love for Cass which makes me sad.  Something about a foul mouthed no bullshit woman is appealing as a sidekick.  

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@nintendoeats: Again, why should it take a week or two?  Do you really think that week two of GT5 is going to be any different than the first few hours?  I played the shit out of Forza 3 when it came out, and the beginning of the game was just a slower version of the end.  I enjoyed my time, but it never changed.  Hell if 5 is like other GT games, you can actually see what's coming up even if you can't do it yet.  Here's the track, here's the kind of cars you can use, here's the number of laps.  Unless the game is flat out lying to you, you know what's going to happen once you press start.  
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@nintendoeats: That's a risk you have to be willing to take, and my guess is most people will take it gladly.  Besides, if there's a monumental game changer it will probably reflect much worse on PD than any reviewer who missed it.  Besides, I want you to think about what you're saying.  By your definition, no GT5 reviews is complete until someone does every race, with every available car, because it's entirely possible that a Black Mini Cooper S will somehow have perfect traction on Laguna Seca's fifth turn, and they should have that information.  A game review to me is like a restaurant review.  I don't expect someone to sit down and fully consume everything on the menu just like I don't expect anyone to fully complete every inch of a game.  I expect enough to gather an informed opinion.  In a story based game, that means beating it to the credits, but in games that have no ending I expect them to play enough to know what's happening.  In a GT game, that point comes far before 100%
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@nintendoeats: If you've every played a simulation racer, you already know what changes are in store for you.  The cars get faster.  You also know that no sim racer has ever had a last minute game changer, because that's not what they do.  I'm not saying that people shouldn't dabble in all of the modes and experience some of everything, but if I'm talking to someone about GT5, and they haven't finished every single endurance race on the disc, I'm not going to think their opinion is invalid. 
As for waiting for the online community, that's impossible.  It's a constantly evolving group of people, you would have to wait until the day the server shut down to come up with a relevant opinion.
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@KaosAngel said:
" @Devil240Z said:

" @Raymayne: LOL its like you're crazy. "

He's trolling.  He can't explain how GT5 Prologue outsold every Forza game. "
It's been out for three times as long.  It also launched at twenty dollars less than the price of a normal title at a time when there was a serious lack of compelling PS3 games.  Not saying anything against GT or its popularity, but pointing out that Forza hasn't outsold it is kind of a hollow argument.
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The only music a racing game needs is the sweet symphony of engines.  Menu music might as well not exist for me, the only menu theme I can remember is MvC2, and that's because it's an aural form of brain cancer.  

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I think a game like GT5 doesn't need a full play through to get a review, and I think waiting to "beat" it is kind of stupid.  In story based games or movies things can change up drastically, but in a racing game what is going to happen in the back half of the game that hasn't happened already?  You know how the game plays, you know what the AI is like, you know how it looks, is lapping the Nurburgring reversed in a Zonda really going to change how you felt about it the game from when you did it in a Civic?