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@Murdoc_: Yea, I read that. I was pointing out that it could be FAR worse.

Terrible government...we're #1 and don't you forget it. USA! USA!

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@zeekthegeek said:

This government continues to be the worst in our history.

May I direct your attention southward for a few moments. DON'T EVEN THINK about going after our longstanding championship.

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Beggin S&M club you'll ever go to...

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Seriously though, unless someone is committing a real crime like murder, rape, assault, theft, robbery, etc (you know..crimes with victims), what business is it of yours?

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Seriously..if you've got no background, take a lesson (if available in your area) OR be prepared to have a day or two of frustration. Focus on learning to paddle, learning to look at incoming waves and when to stand up.

The good news is that with a long board, once you get it, it's pretty straightforward.

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So...beating people/zombies to death with clubs, axes, swords, guns, bombs, pipes, rakes, knives, bats...etc, etc. is fine, but show some unrealistic boobies..and OUTRAGE!

I honestly don't know who would actually WANT it, but its kinda a non-issue to me.

It seriously trips me out that the issue is that its a scantily clad woman's torso rather than the fact that it is a DISMEMBERED TORSO. Perspective people.

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@Veektarius: Looks like you're right

It would be completely destroyed by a Star Destroyer.

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I'd say that Star Wars has much stronger military tech. Obviously an Imperial Class Star Destroyer would annihilate the Enterprise..even the Voyager (which was a warship). I've got a delta flyer? Thats neat. Heres a squadron of TIE fighters.

Also there are shields in Star Wars. They definitely seem less key to the whole setup than they do in Star Trek though.

Droid technology is far more advanced in Star Wars than Star Trek. Yes..Data..but he is one of a kind. There are many self aware droids in SW.

The speed of travel is faster in SW, but more realistic in ST. Star Wars engines are obviously more efficient since something the size of the Falcon can go across the galaxy, but something the size of the Enterprise cannot.

SW >ST..though ST seems like a much nicer government.

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Parents don't freak out because there is a male working with their kids. They may freak out about something else about you, but its not that you are male.

At my daughters pre-school there is a male teacher..he is AWESOME. He plays good rough and tumble (but safe) with the kids and just treats them differently. I'll be honest, I was a little like "Whaaaaat?" when I met him, but I talked with him for a few and liked him.

My guess is that in the next three weeks, you will find yourself hung over, in a ditch with vomit all over your shirt asking the same question. MARK MY WORDS.

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If you feel nothing at these in story events, then you aren't doing your part in the story. Your part, is to try to put yourself into the events, imagine what it'd really be like to be in the situation. Thats what storytelling is about. Otherwise, you might as well just go play a fighting game.