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If you feel nothing at these in story events, then you aren't doing your part in the story. Your part, is to try to put yourself into the events, imagine what it'd really be like to be in the situation. Thats what storytelling is about. Otherwise, you might as well just go play a fighting game.

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I liked it a lot. It was certainly had a feel of a game from back in the day to me. I think a lot of the praise is deserved because it is just a bit of a different game.

As far as the OPs comment that many things felt predictable..yes. But that wasn't bad. I choose to immerse myself into the story and felt the building dread about some of these events. Some seemed so obvious, that I found myself wondering if the actually would be true, or it was a bit of bait and switch.

I don't see myself replaying this though...the best part was the unknown effect of my decisions For example, in episode 2..choosing how to distribute the food was an agonizing process for me. As it would be IRL. Seeing how some of the events played out made me realize that some events I focused closely on weren't really that important..but thats a good thing too. Often in life, we aren't hyper attuned the most important events.

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@artofwar420 said:

@AgnosticJesus: It's not "loaded" with toxins of any apple-kind like the seeds, except with the residual pesticides that are on everything and are okay to consume. Even organic farmers use pesticides, just less of it. Tell Mac he's wrong.

People simply do not understand what the term "Organic" means in terms of food production.

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Black gold: 3/4 Dr. Pepper, 1/4 Coke.

Pepsi goes down the sink.

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Dude, YES! Remember when it hit 1£ to $1.60!? I was like "WOOOOW DUDE! I bet it can't get any lower!"...and then it TOTALLY DID! Amazing.

I can remember, because I was pounding one out with both hands...nothing turns me one like the fluctuations in international currencies.

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Thanks guy! I've had my eye on Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Siege for a bit...maybe I'll download some demos.

LOTR..maybe. I've played that before, but for whatever reason it didn't strike me as something she'd like. Maybe I'm wrong though..hard to say.

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Hey all

I'm looking for something LIKE Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for the 360 to play with the wife. Any suggestions? It can't be scary.


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Cool clothes? Music?

I'm a bit in the same boat. I don't actually need anything, and the things I do want are out of any reasonable price range.

Honestly, after last year I've given up caring about my birthday or xmas.

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Bose IE2. They sound awesome. They're really comfortable. After having them for 11.5 months, I noticed some wear on the insulation around where the earbud came to the wire. I went into a Bose repair center near my work and they were replaced with a brand new pair (with a brand new warranty too!) in less than 10 minutes.

I bought my wife a pair with the speaker for use with her iphone..they work great too.

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@RPGee said:

Also, considering going into an area where you'll learn a trade. In many places, mechanics are in much larger desire than soldiers, for example.

You have to be REALLY careful with this sort of thinking..for a weird, but specific reason.

Many military certifications are not recognized in the civilian world. I have no idea why, I assume the military doesn't come up with a memorandum of agreement (yea..I work for the government). So you may have the skills and experience to work in a particular field but not the required qualifications. This may not be much of an issue if its just an exam or something, but some trades require apprenticeships and such. Do your research.