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Also, considering going into an area where you'll learn a trade. In many places, mechanics are in much larger desire than soldiers, for example.

You have to be REALLY careful with this sort of thinking..for a weird, but specific reason.

Many military certifications are not recognized in the civilian world. I have no idea why, I assume the military doesn't come up with a memorandum of agreement (yea..I work for the government). So you may have the skills and experience to work in a particular field but not the required qualifications. This may not be much of an issue if its just an exam or something, but some trades require apprenticeships and such. Do your research.

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My (white) kids have grown up in Hawaii. In my sons classes there are 2 or 3 other white kids, but thats it. My daughter has none in her class.

Neither of them seem to think anything of it. My daughter once asked why some people are darker than others, but seemed quite satisfied that it had to do with where on Earth they originally came from and further explained in the context of sun protection. Little kids don't think like that (racist) unless they are taught to think like that. Older kids..they're always looking for a reason to pick on one another, so not too surprising that race would be thrown in the mix with height, looks, fatness..etc..teens are bastards.

As far as who you like politically..meh. I can't pretend to understand why you would think fondly of Bush or respect Romney, but to each their own. I'm more than a little confused how you can lump someone serious (like Condi Rice) in with someone who was clearly a gag canidate (like Herman Cain) though...

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No..unless we're talking about the 1997 album by Biggie..which is totally real.

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Like...? Remember this was the foreign policy debate, and the two biggest issues for American foreign policy are Middle Eastern security and China, Israel is a crucial component for Middle Eastern security and America's closest ally in addition to being perhaps the only non-North American country the general American public has an real grasp of. Major Foreign policy issue + at least some public interest = political discussion.

Perhaps thats the problem. Instead of wanting to engage the region, we are supporting a single country there to appease religious fundamentalists at home. We've been close with Egypt for a long time..but not as close as we are with Israel Why not? Turkey too. We just haven't spend the time to develop those relationships because we've been too focused on one small country that is a significant part of the political problem in the region .

I'm not saying that we shouldn't be allies or that we should throw them to the dogs, but we should try to have more friends and allies in the region.

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I'm 100% anti-beard. Kids these days, with thier disgusting facial hair.

Only virgins and religious extremists should grow beards. Only gay men, police and firemen should grow mustaches.

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So...explain this to me: What is fundamentally different about looking at porn sites and looking at escort sites?

Ultimately, its not your business. So he likes to look at stuff that you find creepy and weird. This affects Just fix his computer and forget about it.

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If you rephrase "from tomorrow onward" to "since you were 4 years old"..then yes, I would continue to behave as I do now. I don't behave because I'm scared some sky faeries are going to come bop me on the head or something.

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I'm playing Dead Island, Borderlands and SPAZ.

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Where does everyone stand as far as their vote for the election? I was not planning on voting, but the race is heating up, I'm still undecided. What about you?

@DriveupLife: Why on Earth not? Even if you're not happy with Obama or Romney, there are 3rd party candidates. 3rd parties need support so they can get public'd be a game changer.

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Eh..all good. Sorry I laid into you a bit too. I actually come from a military family and whole laying your life on the line does have a place in my heart.

And its not just your actual being alive, its part of your life too. My memories of my dad when I was a kid? Few and far between. That was another reason for me not to join.

Anyway..since (I think pretty clearly) you did or are planning on joining, stay safe.