I have to stop playing this game...

 It makes me so goddamn angry. Don't get me wrong when it's good it's REALLY good and I love it but a lot of the time it just gets me so angry that it can't be good for my blood pressure. I mean seriously guys in most games it's like "Oh hey we already have two assassins on the team so if you could be a gunner or something that would be gre.... oh you say want to stab people in the neck like uh uh uh uh uh? ok then be an assassin but oh look we lost." or "HAY GUYZ!! I don't know if you've noticed but we don't have any turrets at all . I mean I built and upgraded one instead of getting my double minigun but now it's been haxxored by some arsehole support because there were no other turrets to FUCKING SHOOT HIM but I totally understand if you want to fully upgrade your dash first but oh look we lost again :(" 
To be honest, this generally happens to me with most online shooters after I've put about 20-30 hours in and I think I should really avoid playing online unless I want to suffer a stress related stroke. Does anyone else get super angry when playing this game or any other online game or do I just have issues? 
Thus ends my first blog post.