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@comradepenguin: pretty much how i feel about it, my aim is shit but with the smart pistol i can run around cloaking trying to get the drop on people. It's definitely balanced out in that if anyone sees you before you can get a good lock you're basically dead. Also it's super useful for grunts.

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I'm really hoping they open the PC beta soon, I'm pretty interested to know if my PC can run it, 'cos I'm not buying an XBONE

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Time to speculate wildly!!

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Too little too late

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So I don't like MMOs and I don't like Skyrim... so surprisingly enough I don't like this game at all.

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Hey guys, a bunch of emails are being sent out for the new Stress Beta they're doing this weekend, so keep an eye on your emails. I just got mine ;)

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This seems legit

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It's a great game, screw the haters.

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I'd love me some dead space if its still available.

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As above, unlimited downloads. According to Virgin Media this is fast enough for a family of 4. Screw them what do they know? This gets me about 7.5mb/s download from steam and it's only about £25 a month. Totally worth it :)