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I love cats, and funny pictures of cats. I have several cats whom I adore. I buy small animal feed for the wild life in my backyard so they will come and visit us in the morning. I have a pillow for my cats on a table in front their favorite window to watch the squirrels and birds eat their food from.

Do you spoil your cats? If so, how?

Do you have any funny pictures of cats that's you'd like to share?


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@alexw00d: Curious who this "crazy guy on the Internet" is to whom you are referring? If you're talking about the video in the OP, or the sources I'm presenting here and in the above post, just because it's on the Internet does not mean it is from the internet. Nor does it mean the information is incorrect. Dismissing any of these people, or myself, as crazy is really just rude.

More non RT evidence regarding the OP:

More info at the source:


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Non RT sources calling the BBC report into question:

1. What is the precise name and location of the school?

The Hand in Hand for Syria website reports that the school was in the village of "Orum Alkubra in Aleppo province".[15]. Is this "" أورم_الكبرى(Urum al-Kubra). According to an Arab language web site with a contributor said to be from the vicinity of the claimed attack, the bombed building shown in the video is not a school but a fairly standard construction villa with a swimming pool on the other side of the buttressed wall.[16]

2. When did the attack occur, and what is there by way of independent verification?

Are witnesses available for interview? What is the condition of the school now? Other commercially-controlled media reports such as that from the Guardian[17] are mere echoes of the Panorama report and contain no new information. Are there any independent media outlets or bloggers covering this story?

3. Why were so many children allegedly at school during the school holiday period?

The original BBC piece claimed the school attack took place during the last week of August 2013, "at the end of the school day", and killed at least 10 children. However, Syrian school holidays run from 30 June to 1 September[Citation Needed].

4. What is Dr Rola's family background?

Friend and colleague Dr Saleyha Ahsan writes that "her father, also a doctor, helped coordinate medical logistics from inside Syria in the early days of the uprising. He is now involved politically with the Syrian National Council".[18] If Dr Rola's maiden name is al-Kurdi, that would suggest that her father is Dr Mousa Al-Kurdi.[19] Is Dr Rola also related to Malik al-Kurdi, deputy commander of the Free Syrian Army?[20][21]

5. What is Dr Rola's nationality?

Towards the end of her first appearance, Dr Rola opined, in an impeccable estuary English accent: "The whole world has failed our nation". However, 5 days later she stated: "The whole world has failed the Syrian nation".[6] A BBC video posted on 30th September introduces the attack "two British doctors, two thousand miles from home".[2] In a 2013 petition her nationality is listed as "Syria/UK".[22] So, is she Syrian or British or both?


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@dudeglove: I'm familiar with Chomsky's work. In general, I think it's pretty obvious that the BBC is at fault here, not RT. If this is considered an attack, and should therefore be ignored, what precedent does that set for exposing wrong doing?

I think it's interesting that most of the objections in this thread are aimed at RT, though the evidence against the BBC seems to clearly portray their fraudulent deceit. I believe the conspiracy here is a fact. Yes, the world is messy, but the BBC isn't helping anything by manufacturing stories like this. Let's not forget who the female doctor in the BBC story was daughter to. Clearly a conflict of interest, and biased reporting IMO. It was used a pretext to argue that we should all go to war. It was a lie.

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@dudeglove: What do you think about the allegation that the BBC faked the story as a pretext to get the West into a war?

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Tough crowd.

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@fattony12000: Thanks for the link. I didn't know "infowars" broke this story last year. "Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com." Probably because most of their articles are complete shit, and rarely accurate. The phrase "doom porn" comes to mind. I'd venture a guess that they have a poorer reputation than RT. I'm not too familiar with the channel this video comes from, but I do know that it's a video from RT and not a creation of the YT channel operator. And not Alex Jones.

Given this evidence, I'd say the BBC ranks about the level of Infowars now.

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I know, it's RTV, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Apparently, the footage used to try to sway the sentiments around world to get the West into a war with Syria was fake. An attack on everyone's emotions, designed to bring us in on the side of the "rebels" fighting against the Syrian Army, was a staged news story about a Napalm attack repurposed with a digitally inserted reference to "chemical weapon".

See for yourself:

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I don't know about you, but this has me incensed. I guess it's possible it's not true. That they didn't fake the injuries. That they didn't digitally insert "chemical weapon" over the "Napalm" reference. That they didn't undermine journalistic integrity to bring several nations into war. I'm certainly not saying the BBC has journalistic integrity, but the concept should still be alive somewhere in that news organization. No?

What do you think about this hoax?

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@dudeglove: It really is a stunning display of stupidity. I think he's trying to lend some validity to this in the minds of Americans by linking it to WW2. Being that there is some speculation as to the identity of the soldiers, whether they are Russian military or sympathisers, he's definitely getting ahead of himself. Kerry sounds like he wants a war. And why wouldn't he. It's not like he's got to fight. He's got a bunker to watch the whole thing unfold from, and this would take a lot of heat of the parade of domestic problems. NSA spying, CIA spying on senate, etc.

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@dezztroy: I'm pretty sure it's the BTR-82 Armoured vehicle personnel carrier. It was the caption included from the source though.

Further updates, now comparing the situation to WW2:

  • 18:38: More from US Secretary of State John Kerry. He compared the "nationalistic fervour" fuelled by the Crimea crisis to the build-up before World War Two. And he dismissed Russia's argument that it is trying to "protect" the Crimean peninsula. "Obviously there's a tough history of things like Czechoslovakia in 1968 where the alleged rationale for going into the country was to protect the people in it," he said. "You can ask the Poles how they felt being 'protected' for all those years."
  • 18:42: An officer in the Ukrainian military describes the violence at the military base in Simferopol to Ukrainian television: "One observer was on a rooftop monitoring the situation; he sustained glancing wounds to the neck and shoulder. They say he is being operated on now. Our second observer was on the car park tower. He was shot dead. I personally did not see him. They say his body is still there. Representatives of the Russian Federation and of the Crimean self-defence state that they also have one fatality and one wounded. We did not return fire. We did not fire."