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  • 18:15: John Simpson BBC World Affairs Editor, Simferopol - It is clear that the attack on the military base in this city was not directly carried out by Russian soldiers but by armed men sympathetic to Russia.

One of a number of Russian tanks standing guard outside Ukrainian military sites in Crimea - this building houses Ukraine's fire service headquarters

  • 18:21: US Secretary of State John Kerry warns Russia that any military incursion into eastern Ukraine would be an "enormous challenge to the global community" which would be met by a strong response, AFP reports. He says such a move "would be as egregious as any step that I can think that would be taken by a country in today's world, particularly by a country like Russia where so much is at stake".
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(Translated version)

"Prime Minister Yatsenyuk requires convene a commission with the participation of Ministers of Defense of Ukraine, USA, UK and Russia to immediately resolve the issue with the actions of the Russian military power in the Crimea against the Ukrainian troops.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, The Prime Minister said today at the Ministry of Defence.

"Today the Russian military began to shoot at Ukrainian soldiers , and this is a war crime, which do not expire. Therefore, you should immediately convene a Joint Commission at the level of the Ministries of Defense of Ukraine, USA, UK and Russia, as members of the Budapest Memorandum. Address the issue of preventing further escalation of the military conflict and initiate a political dialogue on the restoration of the rights of the Ukrainian state and to stop violations of international law by the Russian Federation ", - said Yatsenyuk.

"At this time recorded by kidnapping five officers. Two officers we were able to return, and three are held by the so-called "self-defense of the Crimea", - said Hayduk.

He also added that the reported cases of vandalism and cynical treatment of military medical facilities and personnel."


  • 18:04: The official website of the Ukrainian government confirms that one member of the armed forces - a junior officer - has been killed in Simferopol. His surname is given as Kakurin. Another officer, a captain named Fedun (again that is his surname), was wounded in the neck and the arm. The website says one other serviceman has leg and head injuries after being beaten with iron bars.
  • 18:08: More from the Ukrainian government website: It says the commander of the base's military unit, Colonel Andriy Andryushin, has been captured by people wearing the uniform of the Russian army and carrying automatic rifles.


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@dudeglove: Understood, and yeah, I'm not lending any credence to the EM PR Twitter, just citing the source of the video which should be viewed somewhat skeptically also IMO.

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I think this is a live feed from the scene. It was provided by the Euromaidan PR Twitter account:


From this website I believe:



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  • 16:21: Prime Minister Yatseniuk says he has ordered his defence minister to call a meeting with his counterparts from Britain, France, and Russia - signatories to a 1994 treaty guaranteeing Ukraine's borders - to "prevent an escalation of the conflict".
  • 16:29: The Ukrainian soldier who was killed during the storming of a military base in Simferopol is a warrant officer who was on duty in a park inside the base, defence ministry spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov is quoted by the Ukrayinska Pravda website as saying (BBC Monitoring).
  • 16:31: "All of the [Ukrainian] troops at the military base in Simferopol have now been arrested," the Ukrayinska Pravda website says. "Their ID cards and money have been confiscated. They were taken outside, lined up, and their weapons were taken from them," it quotes spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov as saying.


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I think this might be some seriously bad news:

Live Text

Reporters: Victoria King, Bernadette McCague and Alastair Lawson

  • 16:06: Breaking News: Ukrainian serviceman is killed during attack on a Ukrainian base in the Crimean capital of Simferopol, news agency Interfax quotes a military spokesman as saying (Reuters).
  • 16:08: Even before this latest incident in Simferopol, there had been major concerns over whether the governments of Russia and Ukraine could achieve a smooth handover of control of Ukrainian military bases in the region, AFP says.
  • 16:11: Ben Brown BBC News, Simferopol

    There have been at least two bursts of automatic weapons fire at the base, believed to house interior ministry personnel.

  • 16:17: Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk says the conflict in Crimea has entered a military phase.
  • 16:18: "Today, Russian soldiers began shooting at Ukrainian servicemen and this is a war crime without any expiry under a statute of limitations," Ukrainian PM Yatseniuk continues.


@dudeglove @snakevsgiantbomb Any idea what's going on with this?

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@snakevsgiantbomb: I feel for you. I honestly do. When my country was just getting started, proxy wars almost tore us apart. I can sympathize with your situation, and my thoughts are with the Ukrainian people.

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@dudeglove: Don't get me started on John "Songbird" McCain. My thoughts on any elections in the U.S...


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@dudeglove: As stated above, being raised on American "news", I've learned that it's not news and usually just PR for politicians and corporations. Given that RT is so overwhelmingly anti-American propaganda, there used to be a chance, be it microscopic, that they might have a sliver of truth to report. That seems to have vanished. Your post makes sense, though a little hostile, but I'm sure you have your reasons. You usually seem like a solid poster with good information in the past, and this post is a good example, so you probably have a good reason for your frustration.

I'm definitely not siding with Russia in this conflict. I'm not siding with the Ukrainian Government either. Given the evidence, I think the U.S. had a hand in this and I'm very tired of paying the price for their sneaky bullshit, meddling in everyone's affairs. My only dog in this fight is the American people, my countrymen. I can't stand to see us involved in another war that's not only unjustifiable, the rhetoric that supports it is so out of sync with the notions this country was founded on it's virtually unrecognizable as "American". The government trotting out politicians, whose loyalty to America is at best questionable, on media that is vulgar in their biasedness is past being frustrating to me.

I think many American agree, and hopefully the tide is changing in a way that won't support the obvious governmental corruption that has ruined our reputation globally and done a great disservice to it's people.

Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it.

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@truthtellah: Thank you for the information. Having been raised on American "news" media, I've learned to take anything they say with the largest grain of salt conceivable by the human imagination. Researching any and all stories for one's self is really the only way separate the wheat from the chaff. Considering RT would use Srdja Trifkovic as an example pretty much shoots a hole in the article.